The Year in Yums: 2018
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The Year In Yums: 2018

We all cooked and ate a lot in 2018, and while we're looking forward to Yumming even more in 2019, we thought we'd take a look back at the Year In Yums for 2018.

We saw and experienced a lot in 2018 — we saw a super blue blood moon, TV reboots dominated the small screen with shows that include both the Jersey Shore and Murphy Brown, and Drake was the top streamed artist on Spotify making him the most streamed artist of all time. But we were cooking and Yumming quite a bit, too. We took a look back at the Year In Yums to see what people were doing (or aspiring to do) in their kitchens. Here are the recipes that the most Yummly users hit the "Yum" button on, adding them to their saved recipes.


Summer Roll

Summer Roll by Vegetarian Mamma
It's easy to see why more than 70,000 people have Yummed this Summer Roll. It's easy to make — you don't even need to turn on the oven! It's also gluten-free, low carb, low fat, and it's portable if you want to pack it in a lunch or a picnic basket. But those are just the functional aspects of this recipe; it's quite tasty, too. Inspired by Vietnamese cuisine, it brings together fresh produce rolled up in Asian rice wrappers for a light bite. And, although it's not paleo or keto-friendly, it is vegan, so it can fit into many different lifestyles and diets. The other beautiful part about this recipe is that if you don't like the ingredients the author suggests, you can easily fill it with your favorite flavors instead.

rice paper wraps, sliced carrots, cucumber, bell pepper, lettuce and 1 more


Breakfast Energy Smoothie

Breakfast Energy Smoothie by Deliciously Sprinkled
There's no question why this smoothie caught the eye of 62,000 Yummly users! Who wouldn't want to take a long pull from that straw? Requiring just four ingredients, this smoothie is sweetened only with berries and orange juice and thickened with yogurt, making it a fairly healthy breakfast (if you don't overserve yourself) when you pair it with a high protein component like peanut butter toast or a super grain banana bread. What's more is that it only takes about five minutes to make. If you're a real go-getter, you can prep it ahead for a grab-and-go breakfast.

vanilla yogurt, orange juice, vanilla extract, frozen berries

Main Dishes

Honey Soy Chicken Breasts

Honey Soy Chicken Breasts by Rock Recipes
Now we're getting to the meat of the recipes. These Honey Soy Chicken Breasts have been Yummed more than 260,000 times! Of course, what makes them appealing is going to be different from one person to the next, but this is a pretty simple dinner recipe to whip up for an easy weeknight meal. There are only six ingredients — most of which you probably already have in your pantry. You can prep in ten minutes and then let it all marinate and roast while you get the rest of your meal ready. It's a sort of Asian-American dish so making sides to go with it is pretty easy. It would go really well with roasted potatoes, Southern baked beans, or simple sauteed spinach. You could even pair it with one of your favorite pasta recipes — there are many possibilities to go with the many Yums!

minced garlic, fresh ginger root, honey, light soy sauce, freshly ground black pepper and 1 more


Keto Chicken Salad with Avocado and Bacon

Keto Chicken Salad with Avocado and Bacon by Low Carb with Jennifer
While keto recipes are growing in popularity, just about anyone would like this Keto Chicken Salad with Avocado and Bacon — at least 40,000 people want to make it! It's very similar in composition to a regular chicken salad, only instead of mayonnaise, the avocado is what holds the chicken and bacon together. Use it in a wrap or sandwich, top a pile of spinach with it, or eat it on its own — it's a versatile recipe that can be modified to suit different tastes and diets.

cooked chicken breasts, lemon juice, celery, dried chives, kosher salt and 5 more

Side Dishes

Roasted Broccoli with Smashed Garlic

Roasted Broccoli with Smashed Garlic by Skinnytaste
Of the more than 100,000 side dishes to choose from on Yummly, Roasted Broccoli with Smashed Garlic was the most Yummed side dish for 2018. Yummly home cooks love recipes with short ingredient lists, and this recipe is no exception. This broccoli calls for five ingredients and two of them are salt and pepper. On top of that, these florets can be ready — start to finish — in 30 minutes.

garlic, pepper, broccoli florets, extra-virgin olive oil, kosher salt


Cinnamon Roll Bites

Cinnamon Roll Bites by Our Table for Seven
In the "snacks" category, it seems Yummly home cooks want something sweet! While these Cinnamon Roll Bites have a few more ingredients than the other top Yummed recipes, they're extremely easy to make and extremely hard to resist. The method involves cutting up refrigerator biscuit dough and rolling the bits in cinnamon and sugar before baking. They're then slathered in a powdered-sugar glaze. Though it was the top Yummed snack, it would also make a great breakfast for sleepovers or an easy brunch for holiday guests.

brown sugar, ground cinnamon, butter, refrigerated biscuits, milk and 3 more


Weight Loss Wonder Soup

Weight Loss Wonder Soup by Homemade Hooplah
For soups, weight loss seemed to be on the minds of many in 2018. This cabbage soup is definitely for the minimalist eater — it's almost entirely made up of low-calorie vegetables; the only other ingredients are water and 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil. That also makes it vegan, gluten-free, and paleo but misses the keto mark by just an onion... or four. But with so few ingredients and flavorings, it can be modified easily. Make it Mexican with the addition of jalapeños and hominy for a light take on pozole, mix in leftovers from a beef recipe or chicken thighs for some protein, or throw in zucchini to make it a squash soup.

celery, cabbage, green pepper, water, tomatoes, olive oil, onions


Baked Apple Pie Roll Ups

Baked Apple Pie Roll Ups by Spend with Pennies
Every meal needs a period at the end in the form of a sweet treat. Some people love a good chocolate cake, but for hundreds of thousands of Yummly home cooks, this Baked Apple Pie Roll Ups recipe is it. This recipe is made for people who love apple pie but don't have time for a full-on pastry project. All it takes is apple pie filling, a few slices of bread, spices, and some butter and you can have your own version of apple pie in under 30 minutes. Is there any wonder this is one of our most popular recipes?

sugar, melted butter, white bread, apple pie filling, cinnamon

The Mediterranean Diet

Greek Salad

Greek Salad by BBC
As a bonus, we're including the most-Yummed Mediterranean recipe since the Mediterranean diet was just named the best diet for 2019. Using some of the lightest but most flavorful vegetables paired with briny feta cheese, Yummly home cooks call it "perfectly balanced," "a summer staple," and "comfort food." It's light, healthy, and easy to make — which checks off all the boxes to reach most Yummed status for 2018.

freshly ground black pepper, feta cheese, fresh lemon juice, cucumber and 8 more

Now that the new year is here, there is so much to try. Whether you're a committed cook or a dedicated baker, there are new recipes to Yum every day throughout 2019 and Yummly will be there to guide you.