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Take the guesswork out of cooking

The Yummly wireless meat thermometer sets you up for cooking success. With convenient app-based cooking assistance, timers, and alerts, you can be confident in your cooking — even when you're multitasking.

An image of the Yummly Smart Thermometer in assisted cooking mode

Made for success

The results you want, every time

Assisted cooking programs make for great food, time and time again. Just tap what you're having, choose the doneness you prefer, and the connected Yummly® app will guide the way from there. Works with most cuts of beef, fish, chicken, and other kinds of meat.

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Made for real life

Roam if you want to

Built-in timers and alerts let you multitask with confidence — we'll keep an eye on your food and alert you when it's ready. The completely wireless thermometer and dock connect to your smartphone from up to 150 feet away with the free Yummly app — available for iOS or Android smartphones and tablets.

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Made for you

Programs for all skill levels

Whatever your cooking style or skill level, the Yummly® Smart Thermometer is up to the task, from low-touch programs to full manual control. It handles grilling, roasting, and stovetop cooking with ease, and works well with many types of meat, fish, and poultry.

* Not suitable for measuring hot liquids.

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Save 10% when you buy two or more devices*

Yummly Smart Thermometers make great gifts for any occasion. Plus, with multiple Smart Thermometers, you can cook different types of meat or fish at the same time or several steaks to varying levels of doneness.

Key features

Smart cooking done right

  • Completely wireless

    Smart thermometer monitors temperature throughout cooking — no strings (or wires) attached.

  • Bluetooth® connected

    Control your cooking from up to 150 feet away with the free Yummly app on your smartphone or tablet.

  • Built-in timers and alerts

    Multitask all you want. We'll tell you when to adjust the heat or flip your food and how long to let it rest.

  • Assisted cooking programs

    Preset programs for meat, fish, and poultry eliminate guesswork for food done right.

  • Dual temperature sensors

    Leave-in thermometer monitors food and oven temperatures to help you grill, roast, and pan-fry with ease.

  • Magnetic charging dock

    Sleek charging dock keeps your thermometer protected and charged for cook times of up to 25 hours.

Cooking with the App

How It Works

What's Inside

Technical specs

Technical Specifications for the Yummly Smart Thermometer

What's Inside

Technical specs

Smart Thermometer

  • Dimensions 4¼" L × ¼" W × ¼" H
  • Cooking temperature range
    Maximum internal temperature: 210° Fahrenheit (99° Celsius)
    Maximum ambient temperature: 572° Fahrenheit (300° Celsius)
  • Rechargeable internal battery with up to 25 continuous hours of cooking
  • Water-resistant probe thermometer IPX4 rated (resistant to water splashes from any direction)
  • Materials Stainless steel and ceramic
  • Bluetooth® wireless connected


  • Dimensions 6¼" L × 1½" W × 1¼" H
  • Range Connects to smart devices up to 150 ft away
  • Batteries 2 AAA batteries (included)
  • Magnetic base for convenient storage
  • Removable clear plastic lid
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