Food is second only to friends and family as a reason to throw a holiday party, and we're here to endow you with recipes to deliver joy with the right holiday dishes for Christmas. With a steady stream of Christmas company, having the right bites is mandatory for all the merry micro-moments of the season. Whether you're hosting a drop-in party with a buffet of holiday appetizers or you're serving an eight-course dinner on Christmas Eve, there are thousands of holiday recipes to browse for a taste of the holidays…

Christmas Savories

Hors-d'oeuvres make throwing a Christmas party easy -- you can easily make a meal of Christmas appetizers! Smalls bites let guests sample seasonal superstars while taking a load of the host. As a jumping off point, a cream cheese ball is a requisite for the spirited spread along with some form of fruitcake. The slow cooker is a great sidekick for making warm dips to start, but the Christmas tree is a great shape to fit your other hors-d'oeuvres into -- like Italian canapes arranged as a tree or wreath for a festive finishing touch. If you're planning a feast and you want to know what dishes are made on Christmas, turkey breast is still top of mind for most as the main course, but there aren't many people who would turn away from the from a glazed ham on the holiday dinner menu. If you want fresh Christmas dinner ideas, you could always try a Christmas quiche or lasagna to mix up your holiday meal.

Christmas Sweets

Christmas parties set the stage for a soothing symphony of sweets. You can't go wrong with a spiced bundt cake and no party -- school, work, holiday book club -- is complete without sugar cookies decorated in red and green icing and sparkling adornments, but there are loads of Christmas cookie recipes for new holiday traditions. But if you're wondering what you can bake for Christmas dinner, Christmas desserts aren't limited to cookies and candy canes -- there are thousands of Christmas dessert recipes to convert into holiday baking favorites.

An intimate Christmas dinner for two, or a party for the whole neighborhood to stop by for holiday nibbles, there are recipes for everyone to enjoy -- start your recipe search with Yummly.

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