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The Best Fried Rice You’ll ever make!

Micheal: "Super easy to make. Thank you" Read More
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  • 1 onions (small)
  • 2 carrots
  • 2 celery ribs
  • 2 tablespoons sugar (depending on how sweet you like it)
  • 1 tablespoon garlic powder
  • 1 teaspoon ground ginger
  • red pepper (crushed)
  • 2 tablespoons soy sauce
  • 1 cup frozen peas
  • 2 cups shredded cabbage
  • 2 green onions
  • 6 slices bacon
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 cup cooked rice
  • meat
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    Calories410Calories from Fat250
    Total Fat28g43%
    Saturated Fat10g50%
    Trans Fat
    Calories from Fat250
    Total Carbohydrate23g8%
    Dietary Fiber5g20%
    Vitamin A130%
    Vitamin C60%

    * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your Daily Values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

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    Micheal 2 months ago
    Super easy to make. Thank you
    Beckah Mims 7 months ago
    Very good!!! So yummy and the sweetness was perfect! I cooked it first and left it on the stove while other things cooked and it got a bit soggy. I’d probably recommend removing from the low heat and removing the lid and then just quickly heating it when it’s time. I left it on low heat with the lid on as the recipe kind of implied. I’m a newish cook and learned today! 😊 still absolutely delicious!
    Kim Thomasco 9 months ago
    I’ve found my new favorite recipe. This dish was so delicious. I didn’t change much about it, except that I used fresh garlic. I’ll probably try using fresh ginger at some point later on. It was the main dish so it had shrimp in at as well. It’s so good!
    Grant M. 10 months ago
    Awesome Thanks,,, I will make Again Again and AgaiNNNNNN
    Kaufmann 10 months ago
    Really good added some shrimp well definitely make again
    Mike G. a year ago
    was the easiest and best i have ever had.
    Danny Bugeja a year ago
    Good easy recipe with great taste
    Amber a year ago
    Amazing! Added pineapple and shrimp and it was great!
    Edana L. a year ago
    My family loved it! I used ham steak instead of bacon. Will be making it again for sure.
    Lopez Murphy a year ago
    It was good but I didn’t have all ingredients. Great for leftovers!
    Ruth 2 years ago
    I used a large pot & it's a good thing I did. Even w/o the cabbage it made too much to fit in my largest pan. Use a wok if you have one.
    Steph 2 years ago
    Great!! I will make this again
    Hyer Crowe 2 years ago
    So so good! I omitted the bacon because I didn’t have any but it was awesome anyway. I never would have thought to put shredded cabbage in fried rice but this really works! It reheats well too. I will never make fried rice any other way ever again!
    Jeanine h. 2 years ago
    It came together quickly. I skipped the cabbage since I didn’t have any. Everyone liked it Good weeknight dinner
    Brooke Doherty 2 years ago
    Very tasty and spicy
    Shannon M. 2 years ago
    Loved it! I added a little red wine and touch more garlic powder.
    Delicious. Will definitely make again. Used leftover carry out rice. Added chicken, bacon and shrimp and shiitake mushrooms. It’s a main dish.
    Martha R. 2 years ago
    I loved it It’s a keeper absolutely make it again
    Katie 2 years ago
    This was missing something. There wasn’t a lot of flavor. Will not make again.
    Karen M. 2 years ago
    I've made this several times. I've used pork, shrimp and chicken. Also I added water chestnuts. My family loves this dish.
    Caroline 2 years ago
    loved this , so easy to make and so delicious.
    Elizabeth G. 2 years ago
    Made mine without bacon, add fresh ginger it was so delish, gonna be making again
    Tanya Wilson 2 years ago
    Turn out great the first time. I added grilled skinless, boneless chicken breast and seasoned it to my taste. It was so good we had it for dinner and breakfast the next day. We raved so about how good it was, my son in law who vehemently started he didn't want any “stir fry!", tasted it later that night, begged me for some after I cooked it the other night and is buying all the ingredients for me to make it today. This meal is a keeper.
    James k. 2 years ago
    The name is fitting. It is the best. The first time I made it i followed the recipe and it was great. The second time I made it i cleaned out the vegetable drawer and it was phenomenal.
    WAY too much garlic and not very good
    Niki A. 3 years ago
    Really good recipe, my picky little one ate this without me constantly telling her to eat and she asked for seconds. Definitely making this again.
    Kristin O'Neal 3 years ago
    I am giving 4 stars because I made several of my own alterations to this recipe. (My version, I give 5 stars!!) I used Rice a Roni stir fried rice. It came with a seasoning packet so I needed little seasoning aside from salt and pepper and the soy sauce. The seasoning even had little bits of celery in it, so I 86'd the chopped celery and replaced it with brocolli instead! I cooked my veggies in 2 tbsps of butter and a bit of olive oil and about a tbsp of soysauce and salt and pepper. While my rice was cooking and while my veggies were sauteing, I let my meat sit on the counter in a few tbsps of soy sauce to flavor the meat through. (I used pork tenderloins, I like it much better than chicken for stir fried rice but you can use shrimp or chicken or both.) Once the rice was finished I put the frozen peas in the rice to thaw out while the veggies were still cooking, I removed the rice from the stove so it didn't get all mushy and gross and stuck to the pan and I started my meat and cooked it thoroughly. I added the veggies (carrots,onions,brocolli) to the rice. I used this same pan to scramble 3 eggs, added those to the rice and then I cut up my pork into bite size pieces and then added it. Splashed just a bit more soy sauce. Garnished with some chopped green onions. And BAM! Done! Not too much of a difference, I didn't need to add ginger, sugar, garlic or celery because it was already in the seasoning packet of the rice I used. I also didn't use red peppers or bacon....bacon in this dish just made zero sense to me. To each their own! The broccoli addition was AMAZING and I can't imagine eating this dish without the broccoli! I'd say my way is much simpler? Either way, I guarantee you, even if you don't like chinese food (bc I hate chinese food!), you'll love this! My 16 month old ate seconds and my 10yr old picky eater cleared his plate too!!
    Howdy 3 years ago
    Great! I use less sugar and add a little Panda Express teriyaki to it. My sons fav dish
    Brenda 3 years ago
    This was delicious! I added grilled chicken breasts and sauted fresh mushrooms and it was perfect. The bacon and shredded cabbage was a perfect combination.
    Michelle 3 years ago
    Love it!! Easy to make.