Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs



  • eggs
  • cupcake
  • ice water
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    Naomi E. a year ago
    these are not hard boiled. they are baked. yes, there is a difference, and yes, it does make a difference in the taste and appearance. it takes 15 minutes to boil eggs, it's easy and you don't have to stand over them. just put them in the boiling water and set a timer.
    Metcalf 2 years ago
    Maybe this method just isn’t for me. It is not simpler and the eggs are not better. This method takes over an hour but boiling takes 30 min & They never fail This method causes uneven cooking & weird discoloration and gross brown spots I gave it 3 tries and I am not doing it again
    Kay G. 3 years ago
    I cooked a dozen eggs, for deviled eggs. I followed the instructions exactly and unfortunately mine did not turn out well. The whites were discolored and the yolks were green on the outside. So back to the boiling and watching.