Parmesan Baked Pork Chops

Stephanie Lunsford: "So good! Will definitely make again" Read More


  • 4 boneless pork chops (1/2" thick)
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 cup Parmesan cheese
  • 1 cup Italian bread crumbs
  • 1 teaspoon black pepper
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
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    Sodium43% DV1020mg
    Fat37% DV24g
    Protein106% DV54g
    Carbs7% DV22g
    Fiber8% DV2g
    Calories530Calories from Fat220
    Total Fat24g37%
    Saturated Fat8g40%
    Trans Fat
    Calories from Fat220
    Total Carbohydrate22g7%
    Dietary Fiber2g8%
    Vitamin A6%
    Vitamin C2%

    * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your Daily Values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.


    Stephanie Lunsford 11 days ago
    So good! Will definitely make again
    MD 17 days ago
    I wanted to give it a 2 but my husband said 3. 40 minutes cook time made it a bit overdone but less most likely wouldn’t have browned. He wants me to make it again, but I’ll definitely be tweaking this recipe.
    Slange 17 days ago
    Super simple recipe and very delicious. I followed someone else’s suggestion of baking on a rack so both sides got crispy. Turned out perfect!
    Bonnie Young 18 days ago
    At first glance my husband asked if it was shake and bake. Then he tasted it! Delicious!
    Devin Gwinn a month ago
    Simple and a great taste. The breading came out to be about two times as much as needed, I ended up having to throw away a hefty amount. Keep that in consideration. Other than that, a lovely recipe.
    Yummy - doubled the recipe...maybe next time add crushed red pepper...
    Westerman a month ago
    Tasted very good, we used a rack and both sides came out crispy. Flavor was very good
    Ross a month ago
    This is awesome It works just as well with pork chops And for Kiwis eve Hangi pork pieces Very yummy!
    Toni C. a month ago
    This was awesome!!! I cut the recipe in half as I was making it for my husband and I and not only was it quick and easy but delicious too. The only thing I did differently was I used Pecorino Romano grating cheese instead of the Parmesan cheese because we only use Pecorino Romano grating cheese. This is definitely going to be one that I will use on a regular basis. I made steamed broccoli with a cheese sauce, fresh made applesauce and rice. As a note to all, I mixed up the breadcrumbs, grating cheese, pepper and garlic powder as recommended, using only what I need and placing the rest in a sealed bag and put it in the refrigerator; this can be used for chicken, shrimp, as well as the pork.
    Wendy Duckworth 2 months ago
    so yummy, easy and quick to make!
    Nate Mcpherson 2 months ago
    Turned out great. I made two servings but it did seem like I wasted a lot of the rub. Tasted great (Cooked for 37 minutes for 2 servings). Quick an Easy!
    Misty Rice 2 months ago
    Awesome very yummy and quick prep
    Jack 2 months ago
    We liked this. Next time we’ll flavor the chops before coating.
    Kristin Rose 2 months ago
    great. taste good. definitely would make ie. again.
    Kari K. 2 months ago
    Good! Something different and a good way to enjoy pork chops.
    Danette N. 2 months ago
    My pork chops were boneless and seemed very tough. Next time will pound the chops to see if that helps. Used panko instead of Italian bread crumbs and used dijon mustard instead of olive oil to coat the chops. Served with a mustard and wine sauce.
    Patty 2 months ago
    They were delicious and moist family really enjoyed
    Nek Nika 2 months ago
    Delicious! Melted butter in the microwave mixed parmesan and bread crumbs in the butter and spread over the chops cooked for about 45 mins on 350. About 4 mins on broil
    Eleanor Bailey 3 months ago
    They were delicious! Took a while longer to cook because I had very thick chops. Will definitely make again!
    whitney 3 months ago
    very good and juicy. yummy
    Mimi 3 months ago
    Taste was good but mine turned out soggy not crispy. Also I only cooked for 25 mi utes since they were thin and still overdone.
    Tiffany Lichtenberg 3 months ago
    Very good tasting will make again
    James Brady 3 months ago
    Moist and very tasty
    Sandy Pineiro 3 months ago
    Great! The flavor was wonderful!
    Grammygramma Simino 3 months ago
    These turned out great! I used boneless, thin cut chops. They crisped.nicely and had fabulous flavor.
    Lori 3 months ago
    excellent...juicy and crispy coating
    yoli 3 months ago
    This was simple to make. And ingredients I already had it was sooo good. And believe me I hate to cook but it was so simple I did t mind it at all. Need more recipes like this for me. 😀
    Ramos 4 months ago
    Yum, this was a lot easier than my usual pork chops and more convenient since it was in the oven. Just keep an eye on time because I had smaller cuts and 40 minutes was a tad too much.
    Helena Richardson 4 months ago
    Quick to prepare and delicious.
    Larracuente-Ocasio 4 months ago
    I prepared it chicken thighs instead.