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Low-Carb Deconstructed Pizza Casserole

Mary Kar: "Easy to make. Added frozen pizza seasoning. The t…" Read More
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  • 14.5 ounces diced tomatoes (do not use petite dice)
  • 5 Italian turkey sausage (links, 19.5 oz. uncooked, I used my favorite turkey Italian sausage; use pork sausage if you prefer.)
  • 4 teaspoons olive oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon dried oregano
  • salt
  • ground pepper
  • 12 ounces fresh mushrooms (washed and cut into thick slices, I used brown Cremini mushrooms.)
  • 1 1/2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese (I used part-skim mozzarella)
  • 15 slices pepperoni (cut in half, I used regular pepperoni, but for less fat you can use turkey pepperoni if you prefer)
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    Calories310Calories from Fat180
    Total Fat20g31%
    Saturated Fat5g25%
    Trans Fat0g
    Calories from Fat180
    Total Carbohydrate11g4%
    Dietary Fiber3g12%
    Vitamin A20%
    Vitamin C60%

    * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your Daily Values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.


    Mary Kar 4 months ago
    Easy to make. Added frozen pizza seasoning. The top was covered with 15 slices of pepperoni — May use less next time. Serving for dinner tonite.
    Aleatha Dendy 8 months ago
    Super easy to make. Pizza without the extra carbs. No brainer. Definitely making it again
    Vickie 9 months ago
    I reluctantly made this for my husband, knowing I wouldn’t like it...but...I love it!!! This is an easy recipe to make and very filling. Great if following a low carb diet! Next time, I might add some jalapeños or hot pepper for some “kick”
    Charles Neace a year ago
    Turned out great, it was exactly what I was looking for. I added raw onion on top of the mushrooms and jalepano slices on top of the Pepperoni.
    This was amazing. I added some extra toppings and saved the juices from the sausage and mushroom for later. I used basil olive oil. The toppings I added/changed: -instead of pepperoni I used pepper coated salami -Kalamata olives (pitted and sliced) -minced garlic (fried to a crisp in olive oil)
    Perkins a year ago
    I love this! Definitely tastes like pizza! the only change is that I added extra favorite toppings, peppers anchovies black olives.
    This pizza was great. (Big Bang for the taste) for the amount of time; the number of ingredients and of course the low carb Deconstructed Pizza casserole makes this is a real winner.
    Mark a year ago
    This turned out perfect! I added a couple pizza toppings not included in the original recipe. One of my new favorite meals!
    Venus R. a year ago
    Aside from the pepperoni and cheese on top, this is nothing like pizza. Not impressed. My kids picked off the toppings and left the rest.
    Lee Wohlwerth a year ago
    Very easy to make, I would add more diced tomatoes. Tastes great.
    Penny M. a year ago
    Delicious! Easy to make. Will definitely add this to our regular dinner list.
    Shannon a year ago
    The casserole turned out great. I used a small amount of Bertolli 5 cheese pasta sauce instead of the tomatoes since I forgot those when shopping.
    Phyllis a year ago
    This was great tasted just like pizza without the crust!
    Dan Joliet a year ago
    Really good. Have made it several times
    James Barrett 2 years ago
    Excellent! We’ve been craving pizza for weeks but wanted to stay true to our low carb diet This is the answer. We substituted hot Italian sausage and my wife added jalapeños to her side. I cooked it in a 12” enameled cast iron skillet on my Traeger pellet BBQ at 450 for 25 mins. Delicious!
    Stacy Nymark 2 years ago
    So good!! Tasted like I was at the pizzeria! Next time, might add in onions & meatballs to mimic our favorite pizza!
    Aurora 2 years ago
    It was delicious! I didn’t add salt because the cheese and sausage is already salty but other than that I made it just like the recipe. Next time I can maybe add some other ingredients, like adding onion, bell pepper and black olives. And I’ll have to make one with anchovies for my hubby! It was the perfect pizza without the evil crust!!
    Ashleigh Lockwood 2 years ago
    Was really yummy, I made a few alterations, cooked the sausage meat first in paprika and used fresh diced tomatoes and bacon instead of pepperoni, took less time to make and tasted just as good 😊
    Andrea 2 years ago
    Made this several times have also made it with ground beef and taco seasoning . So delicious, my entire family loves it!
    Natalie Atkinson 2 years ago
    hated it. i would highly recommended seasoning the sausage as you cook it. otherwise the sausage is SO bland!
    Angela D. 2 years ago
    this was really good and filling!
    Laura F. 2 years ago
    it was great! i did more layering when i made it and it turnd out great!
    Aarika Garcia 2 years ago
    So good, even better the next day. Added bell peppers in with mushrooms!
    Monica N. 3 years ago
    didn't have mozzarella so used cheddar instead, overall it was a quick fix and filled a spot
    Nadine B 3 years ago
    Tasted just like the good pizzas adults enjoy but without the crust. Can’t say I missed the crust much either. I did add to it to make it my own, bell-peppers and onions. It was a tad time consuming to do on a weeknight with little ones running around, but I will be putting this into rotation.
    Stella 3 years ago
    This was delicious. The first time I made it I followed the instructions to a tee. The next time I make it, I will amend it a bit, and add cauliflower florets, diced jalapenos, onions, and bell peppers. That's my type of pizza!
    Mike Hile 3 years ago
    I tweaked the recipe a little, but a very good dish.
    Carmack Carmack 3 years ago
    Turned out good! I used canned diced tomatoes and I thought I strained them well but there was tomato juices at the bottom of the pan....besides that it turned out great! Good taste! Will make it again
    Suzanne B 3 years ago
    Really good and easy. the boys said it tasted just like Pizza. I put raw sausage bits and of bacon on the bottom, microwaved for 4-5 min. Added the mushrooms and a can of Italian tomatoes, cheese peppers, olives and onion scattered over the whole pepperoni slices and baked it. It was saucy so I may whisk an egg and coconut flour with the tomato juice and pour over the meat to thicken it some and give it a bit of a bottom crust next time.
    Tasha Pluim 3 years ago
    I like this. I didn’t drain the tomatoes because I had Italian flavored tomatoes in my pantry. It gave it some sausage which I really enjoyed. I will make this again