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Healthy Salmon & Veggie Sheet Pan Dinner

JARON: "Deliciously good 😋 i added sea salt and lemon �…" Read More
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This one-pan baked salmon recipe is a dinnertime problem-solver

Flavorful salmon is healthy, delicious and quick-cooking: Perfect for a weeknight meal that doesn’t compromise on taste or nutrition. This genius baked salmon dinner for two cooks all together on one baking sheet, complete with vegetable sides. It can easily become a dinner for four on two sheet pans if you double the quantities. Line the pan with aluminum foil or parchment paper for fast cleanup…

The key technique here is to stagger cooking times - the longer-cooking potatoes go into the pan first, tossed in olive oil with a few grinds of black pepper. The more delicate asparagus and salmon are placed on the pan later. This salmon recipe also allows you to adjust cooking time to the thickness of your particular salmon fillets: Potatoes and asparagus, unlike the fish, are forgiving of a few extra minutes in the oven. This way, you can concentrate on getting perfectly cooked salmon that is flaky but not overcooked.

The finishing touch is lemon juice squeezed at the table — lay a few lemon slices on top before baking if you want a yummy double lemon punch. The recipe is a Yummly original created by Edwina Clark.

How to buy salmon

Buying salmon can feel like a high-risk proposition: It’s pretty pricey, so you want to get it right. Look for salmon that looks moist and doesn’t have brown spots or dried edges.

Wild salmon will be redder in color than farmed. Wild versus farmed continues to be hotly debated: Wild salmon is higher in healthy omega-3 fatty acids, and generally leaner overall, so it’s arguably better for you. But it’s also usually more expensive.

Generally speaking, any salmon is healthy food, so if the farmed option looks good at the store, there’s no need to skip it for nutritional reasons. Many stores will slice you fresh fillets from the fish on request - if that’s an option, it’s the best way to get moist fillets.

Ask them to remove any bones for you, too. If your fillet comes with the bones in, you can remove them with tweezers: Just run your hands along the fish and pull out any bones you feel.

Is salmon sustainable?

This one goes in the “it’s complicated” category. There are many sustainable salmon sources, but not all are, so check the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch fish-sustainability page for the exact salmon you're considering:

If salmon is unavailable (or too expensive), keep in mind that both arctic char and steelhead are alternatives that cook and taste like similar. They can be swapped into this salmon recipe ounce for ounce; the same is true for any similar recipe.

Is salmon healthy?

Yes, salmon is healthy: it’s high in protein, as well as full of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids and bone-protecting selenium. LIke almost any fish, mercury contamination is a concern - but if you just don’t eat salmon every day, you’re in the clear. Pregnant or nursing women should look into this more carefully; ask your doctor about what fish to avoid, if any. Salmon is also gluten-free, paleo, and low-carb.

What does salmon look like when it’s cooked?

Cooking time depends on fillet thickness. The fish’s flesh will change from translucent red/pink and noticeably “raw-looking” to opaque pink and flaky in texture when cooked. You want to pull it out of the oven when the center is still red but the rest has cooked to lighter pink. It will keep cooking with residual heat, and since fish cooks quickly, and dries out when overcooked, it’s easy to overdo it. Be sure to preheat oven fully before you place salmon in; that will help you time more accurately.


Teriyaki glazed salmon is a classic, but you can also create your own new recipes by adding a few cloves garlic, fresh parsley, Dijon or ginger to the mix. A simple treatment of extra-virgin olive oil, kosher salt and black pepper is also delicious.

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  • 4 cups baby potatoes
  • 1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt (for potatoes)
  • 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1 pound asparagus
  • 2 teaspoons fresh dill
  • 10 ounces salmon fillets (or two 5 oz. fillets)
  • salt (to taste, for salmon)
  • black pepper (to taste)
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    Calories620Calories from Fat230
    Total Fat25g38%
    Saturated Fat5g25%
    Trans Fat
    Calories from Fat230
    Total Carbohydrate61g20%
    Dietary Fiber12g48%
    Vitamin A35%
    Vitamin C130%

    * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your Daily Values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.


    JARON 2 months ago
    Deliciously good 😋 i added sea salt and lemon 🍋 on the asparagus for extra flav.
    Kendra Thomas 2 months ago
    The asparagus should also be seasoned but everything else was perfection ❤️
    Lewis 3 months ago
    Delicious. I added Rosemary to the potatoes.
    Elisabeth M. 3 months ago
    I really liked having everything in one pan, making cooking and clean up easy. I added sliced onion on top of the asparagus and made a dill crema to top the salmon with for a little cream and more flavor. I sprinkled feta on top of the crema to finish it off and found that the potatoes needed some butter and salt after coming out of the oven. I also included a sweet potato in the mix of potatoes that was delicious. Love how the flavors all came together. Thank you!
    Marc Hoes 3 months ago
    tasty and easy dish. highly recommended!
    Madelyn Cobb 5 months ago
    Good, easy and convenient to make!
    Amazing!!!!!!! I modified it a bit by using boneless chicken breast instead of salmon. Turned out absolutely fantastic. I’ll definitely try this recipe again.
    Cynthia Walton 6 months ago
    Very easy to make. Classic dish. Everyone liked it. Added some dinner rolls to round it out.
    Chris Henderson 6 months ago
    Turned out great 👍🏻
    Saint Arthur 6 months ago
    turned out great, will make again
    Brodie Alexander 9 months ago
    I’d put it in a cast iron with oil after to crisp up the skin next time.
    Heba 10 months ago
    used green beans instead of asparagus and added dried rosemary. it tasted lovely
    Damian Gibson 10 months ago
    really easy recipe, super quick no fuss, very tasty.
    S a year ago
    Super amazing and easy peasy!!!! One of my new faves❤️❤️
    Eno Naas a year ago
    Good😊 very easy and yummy
    This recipe is delicious
    Quinn a year ago
    Yum. I would eat and make again.
    Amy Brannon a year ago
    Fantastic. super easy and quick.
    Laura Molzen a year ago
    So I’m an amateur cook at best, and this turned out AMAZING. One side note: it may be my oven, but the salmon took longer than 10 minutes to bake at 450. I had to leave it in for about 20 minutes instead, but once I took it out, it was incredibly flaky with lots of flavor. It’s an amazing dish, 10/10 would recommend. You gotta try it!
    Laurel Smith a year ago
    I’m trying to help my daughter learn to cook healthy meals. She’s 18 & a senior in high school. She hopes to get a job & an apartment someday. She has learning disabilities so a job & apartment are really big things for her. We didn’t have asparagus, but we had broccoli. I told her that was an easy change. This was such an easy recipe, she was surprised when I said “that’s it! Go wait 10 minutes.” All our ingredients came from ImperfectFoods. The potatoes were very tiny, so we didn’t need to cut many of them, the crown of broccoli was just the right size. (I had my daughter leave the stems for me to snack on later.) I didn’t realize the salmon pieces were so thin, but they were absolutely perfect at 10 minutes mark. We took them out to a plate to wait for the potatoes & broccoli to finish. Only another 5 minutes. Yay for ImperfectFoods and yay for a recipe we can make easily & quickly. 👍👍
    Maggie Em a year ago
    Gööd :] it was good I love salmon It is healthy
    Cat a year ago
    quick, easy, tasty and looks good
    Sydney Wood a year ago
    Very good! And easy to make!
    Lizzie a year ago
    veggies were cooked good
    Cheyenne Mays a year ago
    Soooo quick, easy and healthy! Oh, and yummy!
    Milaki a year ago
    Great! Would make again.
    slapar a year ago
    i just made it and it was very delicious. Added some Oregano on potatoes and cooked em 5 more extra minutes. They were crunchy on outside and fluffy on inside
    Taiisha D. a year ago
    Turned out great! Quick and easy recipe, would recommend! Easy to add your own spin to.
    Jaeger a year ago
    we loved it. would have given 5 stars but we needed to add more seasoning. is was a super easy way to cook it though and looked very fancy.
    Brenda Sanson a year ago
    Yum! Yes I would make it again!!!