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Glazed Easter Ham

Gina Pedroni: "This was really good, and the first time that I u…" Read More
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  • 1 whole fully cooked bone-in ham (15-18 Pounds)
  • whole cloves
  • 3 cups brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup spicy brown mustard
  • 1 can dr pepper (Or Coke)
  • 3 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
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    Gina Pedroni 9 months ago
    This was really good, and the first time that I used a recipe to make ham so I may have to keep this recipe handy for future events. The meat was really tasty, we were a bit worried at first because it smelled strongly of mustard but once it was all cooked the different flavors blended really well.
    Looked so good! Tasted even better
    Olivares a year ago
    was really good the family loved it and nothing was left over
    I loved this ham! It was perfect. I try new things for Thanksgiving and this will be the only way I do a ham in the future... I just cut the recipe in half.
    Kirsten 2 years ago
    Really good glaze was so good. I followed the recipe and it was easy and everyone loved it.
    David Mah 2 years ago
    Another successful Easter dinner for the family.
    Jeanie 2 years ago
    I live at an altitude of almost 7,000 ft. I think the next time I make the glaze, I will add a tad less than the whole can of Dr. Pepper, or just double the simmering time. Liquid boils at a slightly lower temperature here and it thickens more slowly. It was, however, quite delicious and fed my whole huge and hungry clan. It is such an attractive dish as well.
    Cecelia Tucker 2 years ago
    Amazing!! Turned out fantastic and everyone kept picking at it. Very well loved
    Hollie Anderson 2 years ago
    Looks deliciously glazed, sweet on the outside.
    Carrie K. 2 years ago
    Made many times and always turns out perfect!
    Janice Sedes 2 years ago
    Amazing, very sweet glaze
    Mr Z 2 years ago
    I used a shank portion worked out very well
    Leah D. 2 years ago
    My guests loved this ham and my sister said that it belonged on the cover a magazine.
    Melissa 2 years ago
    Delish!! I didn’t add the cloves... & I cooked an 8 lb bone in and used 1/2 (or a lil more) of the ingredients.
    Jody 3 years ago
    Excellent recipe! I cooked my ham at a lower temperature for longer period of time and it was just delicious. I have used many different sauces for hams but I have to say this one will be my main sauce from now on. Oh, I do not like cloves so I left those out.
    Roxee M. 3 years ago
    amazing cooked it on my pellet grill for about an hour at 300 degrees very moist awesome flavor
    Benjamin W. 3 years ago
    turned out just wonderful, everybody loved it !
    Denise O'Grady 3 years ago
    the ham was so good my family loved it
    Sharon Norman 3 years ago
    It was good next time I am probably going to leave out the cloves. It looks nice, but it had a bit of that flavor and I don’t care for them that much. Other than that it was great, and I will make this again.
    Kerstin Parker 3 years ago
    excellent the way it is. I will do it again
    Jeff McGowan 3 years ago loved it
    Anne W. 3 years ago
    Fantastic! It was so easy to make, and it just melts on your mouth.
    Cassie Stratton 3 years ago
    Delicious! The best ham I have ever made.
    Akeimehcs Lamazon 3 years ago
    lovely i got lots of complement
    Destiny Rowland 3 years ago
    Best ham I’ve ever made. Keeping this recipe for all future holidays. Left out the cloves, and used stone ground mustard instead (which pretty much the entire family agreed that the crunchy mustard seeds was the best part. Coming from ppl who don’t like mustard!)
    Charlett Sarbinoff 4 years ago
    Awesomely Delicious 👏🏻😋
    James Scarcelli 4 years ago
    First time doing Easter ham myself. Tastes fantastic, however, did not realize I was to only score the ham not cut 3/4" down. My meat separated but no biggie still tastes wonderful
    Andrew T. 4 years ago
    Thanksgiving was so much better with the ham recipe. It was super delicious...will do for Christmas!!!
    Lisa Baltz 4 years ago
    The best ham ive ever made, no more honey baked from the store. This was an easy dish to make. I didnt however use the cloves but still was super yummy.
    Jessica Z. 4 years ago
    After becoming a hit at the Thanksgiving party I just attended, I made this again to see if it was a fluke that I had made such an exquisite ham... but no! It turned out amazing the second time as well! This Ham is to die for, and although it seems like a simple recipe, it's worth every bite you take of it afterwards. Will definitely be making this a tradition!