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Apple Cider Pork Chops

Vincent- Pendragon: "Disregard dangerous canola oil use lard it will b…" Read More
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  • 4 pork chops (center-cut)
  • salt
  • pepper
  • 2 tablespoons canola oil
  • 1 1/2 cups apple cider
  • 2 tablespoons brown sugar (packed)
  • 1 tablespoon whole grain mustard
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    Calories330Calories from Fat120
    Total Fat13g20%
    Saturated Fat2g10%
    Trans Fat
    Calories from Fat120
    Total Carbohydrate17g6%
    Dietary Fiber<1g3%
    Vitamin A0%
    Vitamin C4%

    * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your Daily Values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.


    Vincent- Pendragon 21 days ago
    Disregard dangerous canola oil use lard it will be better.
    Nolan a month ago
    Very good sauce, did have a little trouble turning it into a glaze but think that was my fault. Overall, very tasty!
    Crystal a month ago
    Changed a few things like I used thinner pork chops which worked but will do thicker ones as called for next time. This recipe was very delicious family & guests enjoyed very much. I will definitely be adding to things I make.
    Susan Mertz 3 months ago
    A-maz-ing. This was really easy and so good. I had thicker pork chops so I did need to finish them in the oven for about ten minutes.
    Tamara S. 4 months ago
    Adding this one to the rotation! Super delicious. The only complaint i have is the grease splatter all over my stove lol
    Natalie Martinez 4 months ago
    Very flavorful! That apple cider gives it the right amount of sweetness and the mustard gives it the right amount of zing. Will definitely make this again!
    Tameika W. 6 months ago
    The sauce was delicious. I added more brown sugar to thicken it up and about a tbs of honey. We had honey roasted Brussel sprouts and homemade mac and cheese.
    Sheldon John 6 months ago
    Thank you for this wonderful recipe! The tang preceding the savoury flavour made just fall back and say, “AHHHHHHHH, THATS THE REAL TING SELF!” I wanted to enjoy the pork chops without anything distracting from the flavour so I added mashed potatoes and corn. Thanks again for this exquisite and sumptuous recipe! I have added it to my favs list! Lots of love from a Trini🇹🇹/Antiguan🇦🇬 living in Anguilla🇦🇮
    Rego 7 months ago
    Added a pinch of cinamon to bring out the apple flavor. Wife and I enjoyed with some green beans as a side.
    Amy 8 months ago
    A new family favorite!!
    Audrey Fernandes 9 months ago
    The pork chops came out nice because I didn’t leave it as long as the recipe is indicating; the sauce came out really good though. I might have missed it probably, but I didn’t know if to leave it on high or low. What I did is I started with high, then when it started boiling I lowered it to low. It came out really tasty!
    Carol C. 10 months ago
    The pork chops came out a little dry, but the sauce was delicious!
    Kramer 10 months ago
    Very easy and quick. Didn't cook the chops as long. This was a great way to use up cider from the holidays!
    Lori Donnelly a year ago
    Very delicious! Was worried as I was cooking it cause I could still smell a lot of ACV, even though I used 1/2 cup ACV + 1/2 cup water + 1/2 cup brown sugar. I mixed the ACV, water and brown sugar together and then browned my pork chops. I then added the sauce to the pan and let the chops cook in it while it simmered for about 15 minutes and whisked in Dijon mustard (as I had no whole grain). Delicious! And easy! And tender! Will definitely do again!
    The sauce never turned into a glaze. Quite disappointed in that. I cooked the pork chops and then made the sauce, had to re-heat (overcook) the chops so that I could pour apple cider with brown sugar and mustard on them
    Kristen Naspo a year ago
    Flavor was good, but the sauce never thickened to a glaze.
    Kristel J. a year ago
    All the adults loved it. will probably make again. Does take closer to an hour to make for 2 reasons 1. not all chops fit in the pan at same time. 2. the sauce does not thicken.
    Jenkins 2 years ago
    Has a nice bite to it.
    Sarah Wartman 2 years ago
    The sauce tasted good, like others I had trouble getting it to thicken. My pork chops were completely undercooked with only 4 mins on each side and then became tough when I cooked them to temp
    Magnolia Clark 2 years ago
    Delish will definitely have this again
    Angie G. 2 years ago
    lovely dish! had to cook the meat a little longer but my kids loved the sauce!
    Jerri 2 years ago
    I’ve made this several times and it’s a hit! I make the glaze in a separate pan so that it’s ready when the chops are
    Gillispie 3 years ago
    Great I added a little more brown sugar
    Stacy Mazzola 3 years ago
    It was delicious. Only problem is it takes awhile for the sauce to get syrupy, so the pork chops dry out a little
    Heidi G 3 years ago
    Pretty darn tasty! The sauce does take quite a while to reduce down, but it’s really good and the kids liked it.
    Nichelle Martin 3 years ago
    I made this recipe and loved it. Although, I must say, 1 1/2 cups of ACV is too much for those chops. So I used 1/2 cup ACV, 1/2 cup water and little over 1/2 cup of light brown sugar, I didn't use the mustard, instead, I used a tbsp of minced garlic (store bought) so because I tweeked the recipe, I didn't get a thick glaze it turned out to be a great marinade (which freezes well) lol!! Depending on the amount of chops your making and the size, 1 1/2 cups of ACV might be overkill but if you like a vinegary taste go for it... It's still a cool recipe to try though.
    Paul Blight 3 years ago
    Great the sauce did take awhile but everyone loved it
    Rob Stecz 3 years ago
    The sauce was excellent 👌🏼
    gail Mccarron 3 years ago
    Sauce took a real long time to thicken . Chops were tender thou
    Francis Schneider 3 years ago
    very good. i enjoyed how easy it was to prepare this dish. after frying the meat. i sauteed a fresh apple and small onion. then added cider and reduced to a syrup. i use cinnamon carmal apple flavoured cider. unfortunately i have no picture. no leftovers either. does that say how good this is.