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There's no magic bullet for eating healthy food and liking it. First, you have to want to eat well, and then you can put energy into making healthy meals -- then you can make it a habit for a healthy lifestyle. But getting to the point of habit is the hard part. It requires ideas and inspiration. For that, you'll need the right tools to create easy, healthy meals. With Yummly in your arsenal, every meal can be healthy and tasty enough that you'll look forward to it.

Easy Healthy Breakfast…

If you are trying to kickstart your diet or you want to eat better, start with breakfast. While it's very easy to work in easy and healthy components, it can go downhill with just one bite of a donut -- and it's much easier to pick one of those up than it is to sit down to a meal of scrambled eggs, a bowl of fruit, and oatmeal. The trick is to fill up on the good stuff before donuts cross your line of sight.

Quick and easy healthy breakfasts can be simple if you plan ahead for busy mornings. Meal prepping for breakfast could be a protein-packed smoothie. If you make sure you have ready to eat fruit like bananas or raspberries, you can set them aside before bed, so they're ready to puree in the morning. For apples, you can cut them up the night before, so they're ready to dump in the blender when you get up. If you don't have that kind of time, overnight oatmeal with chia seeds makes a filling and healthy breakfast that takes minimal effort to mix together. If you like peanut butter, there are dozens of no-bake make-ahead recipes for healthy peanut butter bites that you can whip up on the weekend to fill you up all week long.

Easy Healthy Lunch

While some people might be satisfied with a simple sandwich, that might not be enough for those of us with a big appetite. In that case, healthy lunch recipes are easy if you're organized. Chicken breasts are very lean and can take on many different flavors and sauces. They can also be served cold or hot. That means if you want a filling salad, you can easily get your protein in by topping it with bits of grilled chicken. From there, it's just a matter of deciding what kind of flavors you're looking for. What to make it Mexican? Dress it with salsa and sprinkle it with black beans. Altogether it makes a low-carb, low-fat lunch. If you prep the chicken ahead of time, you can even mix up your meals as the week progresses.

If you're into cooking a hot lunch, there are delicious ways to serve a warm and healthy midday meal. Don't shy away from Italian pasta recipes -- whole grain noodles can be the base of a healthy one-pot meal for lunch. To make it just a bit lighter, you can mix in zucchini noodles for a few extra vegetables. If you're looking for something with an Asian influence, pad thai is a healthy recipe made with gluten-free noodles, packed with protein and can be served hot or cold. Of course, it would have to be made ahead, but if you don't mind your healthy dinner carrying over into the next day, it checks off the boxes for cheap, easy, and healthy.

Easy Healthy Dinner

At the end of a long day, the last thing we want to do is start a new kitchen project, but there are loads of simple, healthy recipes to ease the burden of putting together a weeknight dinner. If you're cooking for the whole family who have different expectations for dinner recipe ideas, Greek chicken recipes can be light and easy to close out the day and please everyone. There are dinner ideas for slow cooker Greek chicken as well as sheet pan meals in which you can incorporate bell peppers or sweet potatoes that you can serve over brown rice. If you're OK with new recipes with alternative ingredients, cauliflower rice is a way to get more veggies into meals without all the carbs. Try mixing it with grilled vegetables, chicken, beans, and sliced avocado for a lighter take on a burrito bowl. An Asian-inspired stir fry also makes a hearty and healthy meal that's easy to throw together in less than an hour. Soup can also be a healthy meal as well as a great time saver. If you want to "set it and forget it," beans and the slow cooker will be your new best friend. From easy minestrone to slow cooker lentil soup, it's almost too easy to make an easy, healthy meal out of the soup.

Easy Healthy Snacks

One way to help you eat healthier is by mixing in healthy snacks. Healthy snacks don't necessarily have to be fruit and carrot sticks -- there are thousands of recipes ideas to work with. If you're into savory snacks, chickpeas are tiny spheres packed with nutrients. Blended with lemon juice, garlic and tahini you get a creamy hummus to eat with raw vegetables or pita bread. Roasted and spiced, you have a portable snack to take the place of potato chips. But if you're craving potato chips you can make a baked potato and sweet potato chips -- they take a little bit of time in the oven, but they're easy to make.

If you're re-working your recipe repertoire to incorporate more healthy meals, there are thousands of recipes to browse. From no-bake protein breakfast bites to vegan black bean soup, there's a recipe for every dietary preference and restriction to build a healthy meal plan on Yummly.

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