You Say Buffalo, I Say Burrata...

You say buffalo, I say burrata...

At one of my favorite restaurants I’m often torn between wanting to share and being selfish.  The object of my desire?  The burrata cheese.

Burrata cheese is a close cousin of mozzarella (similar to buffalo mozzarella) and is apparently all the “cheese” rage these days.    I guess it makes sense given that burrata is rich and creamy, difficult to find (due to a short shelf life) and the name means “buttered” in Italian.  Anything with the word – or interpretation – of butter in it is a given for me.

So what’s the difference between buffalo mozzarella and burrata cheese?   Buffalo mozzarella, also known as Fior di Latte, is made from water buffalo milk which is richer and higher in protein than cows milk.   Burrata cheese is mozzarella with a center of cream and mozzarella which accounts for it’s rich and addictive nature.   Although both are white in color and spongy in texture, to me burrata is the Cadillac of mozzarella.  Or the cherry on top…or, well, you get the picture.

Burrata found it’s start around the 1920’s on the Bianchini farm in a town called Andria.  It can be served adorned with basil, tomatoes and prosciutto or atop a pizza margharita in a melted state.  Whatever the case, be forewarned if you decide to share.   I’m told it’s never nice to elbow your guests at the table over the last piece of burrata!

Note:  the burrata appetizer is NOT on the menu at my favorite restaurant, A Bellagio in Campbell CA,  you have to request it!