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Explore Asian cuisines with Yummly! Hot and sour to spicy and sweet, Korean barbecue to Vietnamese pho -- no matter how adventurous you want to get, there's an Asian recipe to suit any taste.

Asian Appetizer & Salad Recipes

It's easy to make a meal of Asian appetizers -- it's also a fun way to work copycat street food into your dinner. Try the classic flavors of Filipino cuisine with chicken adobo or lumpia (egg rolls). If you follow a keto diet, chicken lettuce wraps are an authentic Sout…

east Asian appetizer that you can make in a slow cooker. Pair that with tom yum soup and prawn salad and you have a Thai feast.

Asian Rice Recipes

Rice is plentiful in Asian food, making it a great way for home cooks to explore the culture. Chicken stir-fry and orange chicken are good samplings of Chinese cooking, but if you want a taste of Japanese cuisine, rice topped with teriyaki salmon or beef are light alternatives. If you want to travel farther west with your dinner, there are Korean recipes for pork bulgogi that you can eat with rice. For any leftover rice, you can make it into a second meal of fried rice to go with other chicken recipes like sweet and sour chicken.

Asian Noodle Recipes

There are dozens of ways to get your dinner tangled in noodles. Layer your rice noodle with bok choy sesame chicken and a spring roll for the ultimate noodle bowl. If you want something heavier, you can't go wrong with vegetable chow mein or Mongolian beef ramen. You can also turn up the heat with Thai red curry noodle soup for cold winter nights or for a hot summer day, let your grilled chicken mingle with mint, cilantro, and vermicelli for a Vietnamese rice noodle salad.

Sweet Korean chicken wings or traditional pork dumplings, there are thousands of recipes to work Asian recipes into your weeknight menu. Whatever flavors you're looking for, start your search with Yummly.

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