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Recipes by Cuisine

Wanderlust is not limited to escaping on an airplane -- globetrotters need not leave the kitchen to explore other cultures. Edible excursions can lead you to the far corners of the earth and you don't even need your passport. Pack your sheet pans and chef's knife and let Yummly be your travel guide!

Breakfast & Snacks

Take a Caribbean cruise for breakfast with cafe con leche and fried plantains or make a Portuguese pilgrimage with poached eggs and migas to wet your gl…

bal appetite. For something sweeter, Portuguese-style French toast might suit your style. If you want a British bite, a full English breakfast of beans on toast, bacon, and eggs will fuel you for a day of international travel. Learn about Lebanese culture with manoushe zaatar for a Beirut breakfast to wake up. Or for a Persian epiphany, start your day with feta cheese and jam on lavash -- any way you take breakfast, it can take you around the world.

Lunch & Dinner

If you want to go global, go Greek for gastronomic glee -- you haven't traveled far enough if you haven't dabbled in dolmades or sampled spanikopita as side dishes to dial up your Greek salad. If you've got a preference for pasta, there's so much more to Italian cuisine than spaghetti! Slather your gnocchi in Sicilian sauce to maximize your gustatory ambitions. Lunch on lamb shank with massaman curry for a taste of Thai cuisine. Meander Mexican flavors of mole or pozole -- there's a different dish to explore on every leg of your tasty trip.


Your toothsome tour ends with dessert! Add Indian cuisine to your itinerary with a roti laddu as a sweet end to the journey. If your dessert destination is Northern Africa, meskouta is a Moroccan favorite. Ramble farther south for an African dessert of mandazi and chai from Kenya. There are so many sweet stops to keep you rambling on the road of good food.

International cuisines are profoundly spices or delicately mild but however you travel the world, let flavors lead the way.

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