Tips for the Perfectly Toasted Kale Chip



My sincere thanks to 10 year old Brenden for inspiring me to try baked kale chips. Brenden made these for his brothers and mom & dad. They devoured the whole batch and dad Scott headed out to buy 2 more bundles of fresh kale. When I heard that, I…

knew I had to try it. Who knew baked kale is delicious! Although it doesn’t taste like popcorn, it’s similar to popcorn in that it’s light, crunchy, a bit salty…and addictive. It’s very hard to eat just one.

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  • 1 head kale (rinsed and thoroughly dried, See Tips)
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • sea salt (or Kosher)
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    1. Tips for perfectly toasted kale chips
    2. 1. The water. After rinsing the kale, shake off excess water & wrap in a few paper towels. Let rest a minute then begin wiping & dabbing each leaf with the paper towel both top and bottom of the leaf. Not kidding here…search and destroy every little droplet of water. Water is your enemy.
    3. 2. The kale. It has a tough woody stem that you don’t want. Hold the end of the stem with one hand, and starting at the base of the leaf, use your other hand to strip away the leaf from the stem. Don’t be shy – you’ll have a much better result if you can strip away the leaf as intact as possible. I disagreed with recipe I’m linking when it says to cut the leaves into pieces. That makes for a lot of little nibbly bits because these shrink in the oven. I prefer keeping the leaves larger sized. They’re easier to bake, as well.
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