The Perfect {vegan} Banana Bread

Clxda McGoo: "First time making banana bread and it was everyth…" Read More


  • 3 bananas (medium ripe)
  • 1/4 cup vegetable oil
  • 1/4 cup almond milk
  • 1/2 cup light brown sugar
  • 2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
  • 2 cups unbleached all purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • bananas (sliced, for topping)
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    Clxda McGoo 15 days ago
    First time making banana bread and it was everything i could of imagined Delicious (i added a few chunks of dark chocolate for my sweet tooth)
    Vonnie Williams 22 days ago
    This recipe was perfect. The banana bread was moist and not too sweet. Made a good pearling with peach jam. I added crushed pecans because I like a little crunch!
    Eric 2 months ago
    This turned out great! It is definitely something I want to make again!
    Jess Lawson 3 months ago
    Perfectly moist and delicious- I added vegan chocolate chips to make it a bit sweeter!
    Interesting P. 5 months ago
    Denser than I’d like and not super sweet. I baked it in muffins with chocolate chips.
    Risa 6 months ago
    I made this w/ pretty intense almond milk (since I didn't have the unsweetened almond milk) but it turned out delicious! I also added some almonds on the top along with the sliced bananas and they were amazing. Next time, I'll try putting almonds in the bread itself.
    Vic Rdgs 6 months ago
    it’s sooo good! I also added some almonds and it turned out great
    Anne 7 months ago
    Needs tweaking. But I liked it
    Roberson 8 months ago
    great vegan banana bread! favorite so far!
    Tim O. 8 months ago
    Delicious. Now to add nuts
    Kaitlin 9 months ago
    Delicious! Followed most of the directions. Left out the slices of bananas on top, but everything else was exact. Came out perfect. My husband would have like more spice to it. Otherwise would give 5 stars. But it’s definitely a solid 4!
    Tabby 9 months ago
    So yummy I used porridge oats instead of flour.
    obtainanewname 9 months ago
    Excellent texture and amount! Recommend a handful of walnuts too
    Jeanna Ramig 9 months ago
    so good! watch it in the oven to make sure it’s cooked well
    AptFoodLover 10 months ago
    So so so so good 👌🏻
    Courtney Brunet 10 months ago
    Loved this! I used a bit of honey instead of vanilla extract, and added butterscotch and chocolate chips because I had a sweet tooth that morning, and this was delicious. I found the bread to be a perfect, soft texture and all around tasty - my lactose-intolerant partner loved it too (and he normally doesn’t like sweet things very much) and I will definitely be making this again.
    Kelly 10 months ago
    Wonderful! Moist , really sweet and delicious ! I ended up baking about 10 extra minutes also to get the consistency I was looking for.
    J. DiProse a year ago
    This was quick and easy to make! It was very tasty and the family ate it all up in quick fashion. The times were a little off for my oven; taking close to 10 minutes less than the time given in the recipe. I’ll definitely make this many more times.
    Alejandra a year ago
    It turned out great! I made it with organic spelt flour and coconut sugar. I added walnuts and a chia egg to make it even more nutritious. My four year old loved it.
    Pam Lewis a year ago
    really nice and moist. i added walnuts
    Sarah a year ago
    Perfect. Will definitely be making this bread again. I added some vegan chocolate chips too
    Yothers a year ago
    Delicious ! i added chocolate chips.
    Tanya a year ago
    Delicious, extremely moist, and I added vegan chocolate chips and used canola oil instead.
    Nikki G. a year ago
    Pretty decent. It’s good but a tad bit dryer than I wanted but that may also be my doing. It does have a good taste. Very easy to make.
    Lisa Hanley a year ago
    Smells sooo good and was easy to make... will do it again anytime!!! 😉🙂 thanks for sharing this recipe.
    Olivia a year ago
    So good and so simple! I substituted apple sauce for the oil and used whole wheat flour and it turned out great.
    Katrina J. a year ago
    This was amazing!! I followed the recipe as directed and it turned out very good
    Abby S. a year ago
    I made them in muffin form and they turned out great!
    Jess C. a year ago
    lovely, defo will make again
    Amanda 2 years ago
    Got to tell, this is actually the first time that I follow he recipe as it is and turn out to be perfect and delicious!!! I loved it ❤️