Roasted Broccoli with Garlic

Monique Kellman: "Definitely making again!" Read More


  • 1 bunch broccoli
  • 1 1/2 pounds flowerets
  • 3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
  • 8 cloves garlic (fresh, or more, I used about 12 cloves)
  • salt
  • freshly ground black pepper
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    Did you make this?


    Monique Kellman 13 days ago
    Definitely making again!
    Noopur M. 18 days ago
    Delicious. Even my bf who hates veggies loved this. Used crushed garlic and worked great,
    Jeff Evans 20 days ago
    turned out good i didnt use enough garlic though.
    Sean Martin Porter a month ago
    amazing simple fresh full of flavour
    Brian Adams 2 months ago
    excellent, simple and yummy
    David Smith 2 months ago
    loved it came out great but I added bacon to it
    buhle Sibanda 2 months ago
    This was awesome, my new way of making brocolli,thank you wow.
    Chris M. 2 months ago
    It was very tasty. I didn't cook it at 450 degees because that seems way to high for 20 minutes. I cooked it at 425 degrees for 18 minutes and it was still over cooked. Next time I will set oven at 400 and check it after 15 minutes.
    Tiffany Cotton 3 months ago
    Very delicious!!! Everyone here loved it.
    Davina Kavanaugh 3 months ago
    If you make sure to remove from the oven once it turns bright green it'll come out perfect.
    Linda L. 3 months ago
    the temperature called for was way too high and the back time was too long. It got dried out
    Kathy Crump 3 months ago
    So good! Even my one year old ate it without any coaxing!
    Sanjin Donlagic 5 months ago
    lecker. Will make it again
    Tina Shifflett 5 months ago
    My husband raved!! Absolutely delicious and so easy
    Marla Hughes 5 months ago
    Yummm! I love the crunchy ness, next time I make it I think I will mice my garlic and make a mix for the broccoli to add more flavor! Over all a great side dash ❤️🥦
    Shannon Kay 5 months ago
    I loved it! Adding it to my side dish rotation.
    Amy Zeris 6 months ago
    Good dish, I added zucchini and lemon to it
    Patrick McKenzie 6 months ago
    Love this and definitely making again.
    Algomas 6 months ago
    Delicious! Can’t wait to make it again.
    YumChef 6 months ago
    super simple and delicious!
    Tressie G. 6 months ago
    amazing! best part of the meal!
    mary jordheim 7 months ago
    Fabulous! I sliced the broccoli in half and placed them cut side down on the pan so they would brown on the bottom and I was generous with the pepper. It turned out slightly crunchy and the roasted garlic is delicious. It’s very flavorful and a great recipe...thank you!
    Carrie 7 months ago
    Easy, yummy. I love it crunchy
    Robyn B. 7 months ago
    Not bad, but a bit plain
    Fo 7 months ago
    Easy and super yummy!
    Purswani 8 months ago
    Excellent recipe, thank you! I added Korean Oyster Mushrooms to great effect. Garlic should be cut a little thick to keep from burning.
    Felipe 8 months ago
    Super easy and tasty
    Marrit Zuure 8 months ago
    Very nice! Garlic blackened, though - will slice it more thickly next time.
    Elizabeth 9 months ago
    Simple broccoli recipe
    Katrina Sperry 9 months ago
    Yum! Easy to make. Added hunny and Brussels. Turned out great!