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Parmesan Chicken Casserole

Rodnesha D: "was nervous about the mayonnaise but it turned ou…" Read More
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  • 6 boneless, skinless chicken breasts (diced)
  • 1 cup mayonnaise (or Greek yogurt)
  • 1 cup shredded Parmesan cheese
  • 1 teaspoon seasoning salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
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    NutritionView More

    Sodium46% DV1100mg
    Fat52% DV34g
    Protein139% DV71g
    Carbs5% DV16g
    Fiber0% DV0g
    Calories660Calories from Fat310
    Total Fat34g52%
    Saturated Fat9g45%
    Trans Fat
    Calories from Fat310
    Total Carbohydrate16g5%
    Dietary Fiber0g0%
    Vitamin A8%
    Vitamin C6%

    * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your Daily Values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.


    Rodnesha D 23 days ago
    was nervous about the mayonnaise but it turned out so much better than I thought! would definitely eat it again!
    Trish 2 months ago
    Not sure what makes this a caserole, but it was good.
    Adonna Powell 3 months ago
    Fantastic! Easy! Definitely will make again
    Marianne Ternig 3 months ago
    I added a little shredded mozzarella on top and cooked it a little longer so the cheese browned. It was not liquidy or greasy at all. My family loved it and has asked for it again. I served it with baked zucchini the first time and steamed green beans the 2nd time. I would love to serve over noodles, but that would make it not keto.
    Kevin Loesser 5 months ago
    Very good, very rich. The recipe is very adaptable, I added quite a few things to the base (a red bell pepper, some congealed chicken stock I made from wing tips) and it came out fantastic.
    Scoot 5 months ago
    Great Make again great taste
    Harrington 6 months ago
    We really like this recipe we have been making it for over a year. Some people have commented that the chicken is pink ours looked a little pink tonight but was over 200 degrees. It was so good and tender. Others comment on the liquid/oil that is from the mayo that you use. It is perfect to use as extra juice on the pasta. No complaints here. We will continue to make this.
    Marcia B 6 months ago
    Decided to try this because we have tried your Melt In Your Mouth Chicken which hubby and I really like. We decided this version was even better. I'm not sure why many reviews said it was watery and greasy. Before I cut the chicken up in small bite-sized pieces, I rinsed it and patted dry. Since I had 2 rather large chicken breasts, I was going to halve the recipe but the mixture didn't appear that it would cover, so instead it was 3/4'd. Used an 8" square baking dish. It came out perfect, not watery or oily at all. Served over lightly buttered capellini as there was no sauce to speak of. Definitely will be making again. UPDATE: Not quite sure what happened this time but it did come out very watery. I'm thinking it's because I used fresh frozen chicken breasts. When they thawed, they were watery and I forgot to rinse and pat dry before cutting up which I did last time.
    Stefanie Manley 6 months ago
    Came out really watery/greasy and all I could taste was the mayo don’t think I’ll make it again
    Carl V. 6 months ago
    Seems a little greasy, but the flavor is terrific. I served over rice. My picky daughter loves it.
    Geri M 7 months ago
    We make this all the time. We love it
    Allison 7 months ago
    Absolutely love it! Will make again
    Rose 7 months ago
    I used a pampered chef dish so I didn’t grease it. My husband loved it. It is a bit greasy but I served it over egg noodles and it was delicious! I doubled the recipe and added broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and mushrooms!
    Melissa 7 months ago
    It was great, a tad oily but my father prefers it that way. I also add a bit of shredded mozzarella on top.
    Crystal N. 7 months ago
    I should have read the reviews before making this. It was very liquidy and greasy since I greased my pan like the directions said but I didn’t have shortening so I used vegetable oil. I also got pink chicken when it was done. I actually seasoned my chicken with garlic powder before spreading the mayonnaise mixture over the chicken and I’m glad because it was not enough. When I would reheat the casserole in the microwave, I felt better about the chicken because I figured it cooked it more and I ate it over egg noodles. I opted for more flavor over less so the taste was good but the look of it was not great.
    Sonia 7 months ago
    It did not look like the picture. But I figured, whatever, it should still taste good. Well, I was wrong!! It was not good and there was so much liquid, and not much flavor at all I will not be making this again
    Roxanne Sidwell 7 months ago
    I really didn't like this at all. It tastes nothing like parmesan chicken. All I could taste was mayonaise.
    Lisa 7 months ago
    Excellent! Family favorite!
    von 7 months ago
    This is the second time that I've made it. both times runny and had to add A LOT of extra time. I keep getting pink chicken! I'm a pretty good cook btw, I followed instructions to a T, and again, still got pink chicken. The only reason I made it again was because it was good the first time. But after this, never again. Really hungry and pissed.
    Kaylaaaa 7 months ago
    this was sooo easy to make and really good! We put ours over spaghetti noodles and it was soo good. The only issue I had with it was that it wasn’t really liquidy enough to incorporate into the noodles since everything firmed up really well. That also could’ve just been an error on my part, though :)
    Sarah Jacobs 7 months ago
    I did not make it with pasta. I made it with risotto. Not sure if it was a bad combo. I will try again with pasta another time to see if it is better. Just feels like it is missing something..
    Jason 8 months ago
    Loved it, a real hit with the family. My wife wanted the left overs the next day. Ha ha they were already in my belly.
    Rachel Bradshaw 8 months ago
    I absolutely love this! I just cooked it and I actually doubled the paste that you put on top because I just felt like it might not be enough. And it turned out perfect! y’all were talking about it being kind of brothy but I actually added the broth to the noodles that I cooked to go with it. Total win!
    Jaunien 8 months ago
    This was so easy and tasted so good. I sautéed onions and brussels sprouts on the stove and then added the rice. The combo was great. Next time I'm trying it over plain pasta.
    YumChef 8 months ago
    Recipe is great! The whole family loved it.
    Andrea Dalton 8 months ago
    Made it twice now. For us—not that great, a lot of food, and not excited about the leftovers.
    Kia Round 8 months ago
    Chicken came out great after 32 mins, diced into medium sized to small sized chunks. Could season or marinade the chicken to give it more flavor. Would bake with broccoli or a veggie and serve over rice next.
    Tami Butto 9 months ago
    Very tasty!! My family liked it!
    mdurham 9 months ago
    Cut the recipe in half and was a perfect meal for three
    Bea 9 months ago
    I made this for our church “small group” last night and it was a huge hit! We always pick a “theme” and last night was Italian I was kind of board with the typical spaghetti/meatballs and lasagna Italian fare and remembered I had seen an interesting recipe roll through my emails from the “Yummly” app SO GLAD I found it! This recipe is a BREEZE to make! And it is DELICIOUS! The chicken was moist and mouth-watering good I served it on top of pasta and just poured all the yummy juices from the pan drippings over the pasta garnished with fresh parsley Easy Peary but tastes like a lot of hard work went into it I can’t wait to make it again!