Melt In Your Mouth Doughnuts

Wendi: "Sounds good, can't wait to try. I wonder is you c…" Read More


  • 11 biscuits (count can Texas style, or your preference, just not flaky layers)
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons cinnamon
  • 1 stick margarine (melted)
  • vegetable oil (For Frying)
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    NutritionView More

    Sodium69% DV1660mg
    Fat80% DV52g
    Protein18% DV9g
    Carbs40% DV121g
    Fiber12% DV3g
    Calories960Calories from Fat470
    Total Fat52g80%
    Saturated Fat7g35%
    Trans Fat4.5g
    Calories from Fat470
    Total Carbohydrate121g40%
    Dietary Fiber3g12%
    Vitamin A0%
    Vitamin C0%

    * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your Daily Values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.


    Wendi 2 months ago
    Sounds good, can't wait to try. I wonder is you could cook them in an air fryer? anyone try that?
    Brad 3 months ago
    It was good, I would suggest you really watch the timing, and don’t panic and pull them to early, if you do you will have a uncooked inside. Cook one watch the time and if it turns out good repeat, I recommend that before you just toss them all in at once and the timing be off , now your stuck with raw center doughnuts.
    Melissa 4 months ago
    Oh so good! My finicky eaters loved it!
    pkdarailroadman .. 5 months ago
    best doughnuts i've ever had! super quick and easy. a must try
    Kendra Masonbrink 7 months ago
    Turned out Great! Will make again.
    Allen 7 months ago
    They had a very stale taste and they became very hard after frying them. This may had been my biscuit dough. Directions for frying could be more clear.
    Latricia 8 months ago
    I love easy recipes that turns out great 😊
    Kita Petty 10 months ago
    Perfect Was very easy and fun for myself and the kids to do together!!!
    Julie Yarbor a year ago
    amaaazing and delicious, plus suuuuper easy to make!
    Courtni E a year ago
    If you like cinnamon sugar biscuits then this is the perfect recipe for you—Other than that, calling them donuts is highly misleading. That’s what I get for trying to shortcut :\
    Candice S. a year ago
    They were ok. They tasted like biscuits with cinnamon and sugar. The other reviews hyped this up like it was excellent.
    shawn miles a year ago
    best way to do these is in a fry daddy.only a couple at a time..also u only need to let em cook a minute to 2 and then using a fork jus flio em over .but a fry daddy or sumthing similuar is what i found to be the easiest way for me
    Jayne a year ago
    I feel like I must be stupid or something......I've checked loads of times and this recipe jumps from a picture of 2 bowls to the finished pre-fried doughnut, with no mention of a method or what you do to get there?!
    Mckenzie a year ago
    they turned out great!
    Molly a year ago
    Great tasting, quick and easy donut!
    Rebecca Starks a year ago
    It was super easy to make and super yummy! I brought them to work and everyone loved them. They were gone in seconds!
    Barbie Ruiz a year ago
    these came out amazing but i did not have biscuits and my cabinets were bare and my wallet and stomach were empty so i made my own bread this recipe came from depression era. others as well as myself use this for good old butter maybe jelly i use for sandwiches i use in casserole with ice cream whatever i have in my kitchen. n that calls for bread🍞 u can make it in different shapes thickness u only chamge how much dough u add and how long you fry obviously the thicker it is the longer i fry the lower the heat has to be to not burn anyhow i used this bread in shape of dounut i used soda cap for middle the dounut hole i fryed patted oil dry then followed this recipe it came out wonderful kids enjoyed it with cold glass of milk on ice!! will make it agin deffently!!! here is Bread Recpie: READY IN: 20 mins MAKES: 9 biscuits INGREDIENTS 4  teaspoons baking powder 2  cups flour 1  cup water  oil (for frying) (DROP THEM IN TO POT OF OIL) MUST DEEP FRY p.s when it comes to makeing bread it definitely cones with trail and error first few time i made it i threw away so meny i just could seem to get the frying part rite always still doughy on side or to crunchy (hard) on top under cooked over cooked always something intill finally u get the hange of wahh lahh bread prefectshion 😋 good luck ladys there are life savers at times especially if you hav hive kids and/or Husband/wife
    Berit Chassman a year ago
    Made these for a huge sleep over and they were a hit!
    Kandice a year ago
    Great! Tasted delicious
    Lisa Pizarro a year ago
    Omg!! I made these and they were fantastic... perfect for the sweet tooth. Really easy.
    Kimberly '. 2 years ago
    I grew up with my mom making these doughnuts every xmas morning. We've done the cinnamon sugar. Another way we liked was shaking them in a bag of powdered sugar. But the absolute best way is to take your favorite chocolate frosting in a microwave safe dish for 10 or 15 sec and then dip the them. Add sprinkles if so desired. I still make them for my own family every xmas morning.
    Ainsley L. 2 years ago
    Fantastic! Easy to make and so tasty!
    Phillips 2 years ago
    We had a sweet tooth in the middle of the night. I made these and they hit the spot! They aren't greasy at all and so easy to make.
    Tiana Nesmith 2 years ago
    Quick and easy way to satisfy your sweet tooth.
    weston brady 2 years ago
    Good I used the cheapest biscuits I could find. Them as biscuits terrible but as doughnuts delicious, didn’t need the butter. Also didn’t need as much sugar.
    Amanda Semar 2 years ago
    This is a really good recipe if you are craving something sweet. I made 6 or so with just regular sugar and the rest with the cinnamon. I used regular size Wal-Mart brand biscuits bc I couldn't find Texas, but they came out just fine.
    Chris 2 years ago
    cooked the oil too long and couldn't keep them in long enough to cook through but still tasted great
    GG 2 years ago
    Theses sugar dounuts are so good for breakfast and hi am new here am from South Jersey am 23 my name is Gin 😊
    Amanda Mitchell 2 years ago
    were better than i thought they would be. i made my own glaze from powered surgar, milk and vanilla instead of the cinnamon surgar because im not a fan on cinnamon. will be making again!
    Faith Leonard 2 years ago
    tasted like sugar biscuits