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Healthy Breakfast Quesadilla

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  • cooking spray
  • 1/2 cup spinach
  • 3/4 cup liquid egg whites
  • 1 ounce cheddar cheese (shredded or sliced)
  • 1 tortillas (for GF I use Trader Joe’s Brown Rice)
  • garlic salt (sprinkle)
  • onion powder (sprinkle)
  • black pepper (sprinkle)
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    White 2 months ago
    This tastes amazing!!
    Kerra Masso 2 months ago
    I added bell peppers instead of spinach as we didn't have any at home- and it was a fantastic substitute! For those of us who have a hard time in flipping the omelette, I'd recommend putting a plate over the pan to flip, makes it very simple with no mess! Awesome recipe, will definitely be adding this to my morning routine!
    SophiaV 3 months ago
    easy and yummly, would definitely make any morning
    very good. would not make any changes. highly recommend
    Najee 4 months ago
    I loved it and it was really simple to make. I will definitely be making this again
    Aliza 4 months ago
    Really good. i want to make this frequently now. I made it with whole eggs and added flaxseed meal too.
    Emily 5 months ago
    So delicious and so easy to make. Had this post-workout for lunch and boy oh boy was it ever good and packed with protein😍
    Riley 6 months ago
    Great! Will make again!
    Laura Cruzaley 7 months ago
    i used 3 whole eggs. Delicious will make again.
    Deb 7 months ago
    Two of these made a delicious, healthy, and filling breakfast for my family.
    Elwood 8 months ago
    I used eggs instead of just egg whites and used 4 eggs which was the perfect amount. This recipe was delicious.
    Deer 8 months ago
    I scrambled three eggs, used a mix of old and young cheese and a small corn tortilla.
    Pretty Tulip a year ago
    it was good but the spinach made it water-y
    blbynum84 .. a year ago
    Great! Savory taste but not too heavy. Nice and fluffy, omelet style eggs, using liquid egg whites. I steamed a bag of chopped spinach and dropped a little on each egg plus a drizzle of cheese. Sprinkled just a tad of salt and pepper and made pocket quesadilla using the foldable tortillas. Nice and simple for the fam. Thank you!
    Cherise Lee a year ago
    I just used salt and pepper for the eggs; like to keep it simple. I also added some turkey bacon and pico. Amazing!!
    Andre Garcia a year ago
    great concept i just didnt like the seasoning, for me i would have just mixed the spinach and the eggs alone but aside from that it was good
    Aaliyah Goodson a year ago
    It was delicious and easy to make!
    Lina a year ago
    Great! Will make again.
    Chas a year ago
    Will be making this more often. Made this with 1cup egg whites, 3/4cup spinach, added ¹/4cup of green peppers, and 3tbl spoons of diced onions, half cup of cheddar, just a sprinkle of pepper on TWO whole grain tortillas. Worked out to be roughly 603 calories, 33g of carbs, 32g of fat, 39g of protein. I'm very active, so this works good for me.
    Alana Herman a year ago
    100% something i’ll make again and again
    Ashley a year ago
    Quick, easy, and delicious! Paired with avocado 🥑
    kaisner a year ago
    These are very filling and a quick, easy, healthy breakfast! We love them!
    Tiany Baclagan a year ago
    Amazing, quick and easy ingredients and recipe to follow. I wrk light on the cheese, but other than that, I’d make it again.
    Iulia Mago 2 years ago
    Will deffinetly make this again!!
    Lucee S. 2 years ago
    My husband loved it! It’s a great twist on a basic breakfast!
    Züllich 2 years ago
    A bit bland Would do again with a different cheese
    Nurhidayah Rashid 2 years ago
    Delicious and easy to make. And its healthy too! Love it! ❤️
    Giselle 2 years ago
    Pretty easy to make, I would make it again.
    Vicki Bober 2 years ago
    Spinach and eggs are ok, just not my favorite.
    Faythe Oi 2 years ago
    The eggs turned out just as I need them to. Loved this recipe and definitely will again.