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Chicken Cheese and Pesto Quesadilla

Elizabeth Hamm: "I made sure to thoroughly season my chicken and m…" Read More


  • 2 tortillas
  • 100 grams cooked chicken (cut into small chunks)
  • 1/2 baby spinach leaves (a cup of)
  • 4 slices tomato
  • 1/4 cup mozzarella cheese
  • 20 grams feta cheese (cut into small pieces)
  • 1 tablespoon basil pesto
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    Elizabeth Hamm 4 months ago
    I made sure to thoroughly season my chicken and mixed all the ingredients besides mozzarella together to better put on the tortillas. I used the mozzarella as the glue to keep the mix in the tortilla. Super delicious (but I definitely used more cheese and pesto than in the ingredients lol.
    Nyssa Bowen a year ago
    It tasted great however there was just so much stuff in it that it became messy for me.
    Chase McNabb a year ago
    I would prefer to place my insides on one side of the tortilla and fold it in half. I find the cheese and all the insides stick together better that way.
    Amber a year ago
    No. It looked like a quesadilla but the flavors did not work with the tortilla at all. Did not suit our southwestern palettes in the slightest.
    Gabrielle a year ago
    Good for lunch. The pesto was a nice touch
    Julie a year ago
    Ten stars!!!!! This was absolutely delicious. I felt like i was eating at a fun boutiquey California cuisine restaurant. The only issue is if they sit too long they become soggy so you need to eat them right after they are cooked while the tortillas are still crispy. Loved this recipe!
    Mary Ann V. 2 years ago
    Loved it! Made it just as is and it was fantastic.
    Shideler 3 years ago
    I will season my chicken more next time! Other than that, delicious!
    Joanne Lawrence 3 years ago
    Excellent. My husband absolutely raved about it. I made us each one with a single tortilla that I just folded over on itself, which makes the whole issue of flipping much easier. I'll definitely be making these again. I bought a rotisserie chicken and shredded mozza to make these so it was quick and easy. This will be going in the rotation for those days when I really don't feel like cooking.
    Kalsen 3 years ago
    This is the perfect Friday night can't be bothered cooking dinner. Will definitely make this again
    freda 3 years ago
    I wanted to cook this last night but realized I didn't have all the ingredients. I compromised....instead of tortillas I used wholemeal leb bread. I also had no pesto...I used basil, wholegrain mustard with sour cream. Instead of pan frying I baked them in a baking dish with a weighted dish on top, no turning required. Can I just say yum, yum, yum!!!! My husband also threw in a few Kalamata olives................we were both in heaven. Thankyou. Who said you cant make something without all the ingredients?
    Tommy Sandford 3 years ago
    very easy and perfect for leftover chicken.
    Liza 3 years ago
    Truly yummy. Easy to prepare with healthy no fuss ingredients! Everyone in the family loved it. Thanks for sharing.