Cheesy Taco Sticks

Jamali Phillips: "Yes rolling was tough, but still good." Read More


  • 1 pound ground beef
  • 1 packet taco seasoning mix (or homemade taco seasoning)
  • 1 pizza dough (tube Pillsbury)
  • 5 colby jack (and cheddar cheese sticks, halved)
  • 4 tablespoons butter (melted)
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1 teaspoon dried parsley
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    Jamali Phillips 3 days ago
    Yes rolling was tough, but still good.
    Diana L. 3 months ago
    This was pretty good. Tastes like regular tacos, and my family would eat it again. I saw several people wrote they had difficulty rolling up the little pockets, so I just made it like a Stromboli. It was easy to just fold the dough over and pinch it shut the one time. Stayed put and didn't leak, and I just sliced it when it was done. Maybe not as fun to eat as the little pockets, but it was really easy.
    Melissa 3 months ago
    Extremely hard to roll these up eliminate two of the squares and just make eight of them 10 is too many
    Schroeder 4 months ago
    These were a pain to roll up.. hubby loved them and said it was a keeper.. but to me the rolling part wasn’t worth it.. maybe next time I will not cut the dough, but just roll 1 giant stick and after baking cut it in pieces.. lol
    Brett 5 months ago
    Easy to make and very tasty.
    Elizabeth 6 months ago
    loved by the whole family. used shredded cheese instead.
    Hilary Sibert 6 months ago
    I'll admit I'm not a good cook, still learning as I go. This seemed super simple, but I felt like I must have messed it up somehow. Followed directions and they ended up being WAY too big/too much bread. The tops didn't get golden brown, but the bottoms started to burn. Might be me though!
    Jaime Lee Longo 7 months ago
    very good and tasty. excellent idea! i have 4 teenagers and this is perfect for snacking and friends. only problem is rolling them up, but still fun to make!
    wanda kelley 7 months ago
    can't get the dough to close. Too much meat left over too.
    Nathalie R. 7 months ago
    They turned out good! However, I had a hard time rolling the dough, as it can be a bit tedious. Other than that, my 19 month old picky eater, enjoyed them. Btw, since my toddler was my target for these, I finely chopped up some broccoli & carrots & mixed them in with the meat. Didn’t even notice.
    Crystal J. 8 months ago
    Eh. Not as good as I hoped, the dough was finicky and kept tearing while I rolled it together. So lots of cheese on the pan cooked out and burned. Tastes fine.
    Dipped in salsa and sour cream. Amazing!
    Jessica C. 10 months ago
    turned out delicious, didn't look the greatest lol i had trouble with the pizza dough but still tasted great. I also messed up and used shredded cheese instead of stick cheese.
    Taylor Walden 10 months ago
    Turned out good! Next time I will add onions to the beef for some more flavor and roll the dough flatter first but definitely will make again!
    Mike a year ago
    Turned out great ! Will make again 😁
    Lisa Weldon a year ago
    family went nuts! now a staple in our house!
    Jack Owens a year ago
    Wonderful recipe! I used the thin crust pizza dough, and i loved the results. Try it, you'll love it.
    Ayla a year ago
    Pretty good, used shredded Monterey Jack instead of cheese stick (mistake) definitely needed to be a cheese stick, but turned out decent. Would make them again.
    Rudy M. a year ago
    ok. dough was hard to wrap up
    clarice kuroiwa a year ago
    It was so delicious and easy. My girls loved it too!
    Kelly V. a year ago
    Very tasty, will make again. Lots of meat mixture left over, so could easily double the dough/cheese stick quantity.
    Wyatt 2 years ago
    Very good. My child even ate some. we need to fine tune it with add on ingredients, but very good just like it is.
    Lauren 2 years ago
    Quick, easy, and yummy with sour cream. Mine were not nearly as pretty as the photos, lol. 4 year old liked it, 6 year old on the fence.