Caramelized Salmon

Allie R.: "we really loved it, I didn't follow recipe exactl…" Read More


  • 9 1/8 ounces salmon fillet (I used a skinless fillet, and I'd recommend one with the skin on.)
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons salt
  • 1/2 tablespoon pepper
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    Fisch 2 days ago
    I reduced salt and it still was salty
    Allie R. 4 months ago
    we really loved it, I didn't follow recipe exactly i just kind of eye balled measurements but it was such a unique recipe for salmon we really loved it.
    Ida 6 months ago
    ok except for far too much salt!. i wondered and even redued the recommended amount. had to throw out 1/2 my dinner. otherwise, very tasty..
    Amanda 6 months ago
    I added brown sugar and a pinch of smoked paprika to the mixture. It was excellent!
    Nancy Yu 7 months ago
    yummy and juicy. did have a tad too much salt. need to be careful not to burn the skin with sugar on it.
    Tyhese S. 7 months ago
    Perfect! Think I will use a little less salt next time.
    John Wilson 7 months ago
    This dish turned out great. i added a little crushed red pepper for a little extra somethin somethin lol
    Lequita Sharrock 7 months ago
    Amazing dish!! I used brown sugar, instead of white sugar and Hawaiian Black Salt instead of sea salt. I also added black pepper, orange peel, and garlic powder!! I loved it and will definitely make this one again. #SuperEasy #MmmmmGood
    Mary Delaney 7 months ago
    Omg, i love darkened anything this didn’t disappoint. What else can I carmelize. I followed the recipe to the tee (so easy) and fried it 5 minutes each side on med high in canola oil.
    Ron 8 months ago
    Loved it although Definitely needed less salt - glad I read the reviews first 👍
    Sandy Fox 8 months ago
    Needed extra time in oven to cook through middle. Good flavor... Just had thick salmon fillet that took extra time / attention.
    Rayna E. 8 months ago
    Loved it! Sweet and tender and no time at all (15-20min I thawed the salmon beforehand)
    MissNYC 8 months ago
    Very delicious! This will be the way I cook salmon from now on.
    Ela 8 months ago
    After checking the reviews I added less salt than in the recipe, also added a little maple syrup while frying. Turned out delicious, will definitely make again
    Randy 8 months ago
    salty. very salty. would try again, less salt, more sugar
    Farrell 8 months ago
    This was very good. But I would add less salt next time. I will definitely make it again.
    Jen H. 9 months ago
    i added some brown sugar and used butter to cook it in the pan and was amazing. next time ill use less salt for me :)
    Dawon E. 9 months ago
    it was delicious and not 2 sweet as i thought since using so much sugar. definitely will make again
    Swift Beatz 9 months ago
    Wonderfully great!!!!
    Judy 9 months ago
    Pretty good and easy!!
    Cora Demarce 9 months ago
    Super salty, but a little less salt would be better. I’d make it again.
    Britt D 10 months ago
    it was simple and pretty tasty
    Keane 10 months ago
    Surprisingly simple recipe with great tasting results.
    CunningLineCook 10 months ago
    Tasty but long. I tried to make both services work together and the City cool
    Fran a year ago
    Very yummy! would make again
    Mendoza a year ago
    This was disgusting 😩 I measured everything exactly how it’s supposed to be and still turned out way too salty!!
    Alise Yates a year ago
    Tastes like sugar salt & pepper
    Toni Wilson a year ago
    I have my own version of this recipe. I use brown sugar and whiskey! but its cool seeing what others do to make it..
    Jody K. a year ago
    Looks great, tastes good. I doubled the sugar so the salt, pepper wasn’t so strong but still would half the salt and pepper next time. If you aren’t from a country that is used to heavily salted fish it IS a bit strong. I think next time I’ll add some juice - orange or even pineapple - and drizzle it before the second side cooks.
    Felicia a year ago
    It's great, never had like this before. Served over a bed of rice that is cooked with little butter. Very simple! Only thing I would do different is cut back on the salt tremendously. other than that I've found a new recipe to add to my collection.