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Caramelized Salmon

Anjali G.: "I do wish I would have read the reviews regarding…" Read More
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  • 9 1/8 ounces salmon fillet (I used a skinless fillet, and I'd recommend one with the skin on.)
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons salt
  • 1/2 tablespoon pepper
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    Anjali G. 9 days ago
    I do wish I would have read the reviews regarding the salt. The salt is too much I should have reduced it by half. Otherwise brilliant recipe will be using it again and again.
    Courtney Beach 9 days ago
    Simple, easy, quick and it tastes amazing.
    SunshineK 15 days ago
    Needs a little less pepper for kids. Delicious though!
    Morrison 17 days ago
    The salmon was great.
    Celia Gallardo 21 days ago
    It was good but had too much salt to my taste I would do teaspoons instead of tablespoons
    Saccasan a month ago
    Excellent. I only used a bit of sugar and salt though and put it in the oven.
    Matt G a month ago
    Horrible! It sounded very good. It was so salty and overwhelming Pepper flavor. I used less salt and pepper than the recipe called for and it was so bad. One of the worst recipes I ever made. Total waste of good salmon
    howie r a month ago
    Great I loved it. Would do it again. Mouth orgasm guaranteed.
    Beth Hester 2 months ago
    Great Flavor! Will be my new favorite!! But needed to cook much longer than expected due to thicknesses of the fillets. I would suggest searing on medium high heat for 5 min each side, then lower heat to medium low & cover until inside is done. It took about 20 minutes longer.
    Mandy Battaglia 2 months ago
    It was delicious. My favorite salmon recipe I’ve ever made.
    Julg 2 months ago
    This was delicious! I didn’t use as much salt or pepper but the combination was great!
    Beth 2 months ago
    It is absolutely perfect! I did shake in a bit of cayenne to counter the sweetness (just one shake). My daughter ate it all up. Delicious.
    Katrina Goodman 3 months ago
    easy, great tasing, will keep this on my rotation !! loved it!!
    Kari 3 months ago
    Too much salt and pepper for my taste
    Jordhan Gilbert 3 months ago
    I fried the salmon, after broiling, until it was black and a little crispy/crunchy. 10/10 that way!
    Nevona 3 months ago
    YUMMY! This is my new favorite recipe to make, please do not hesitate to make this delicious salmon 🤤
    Lori 4 months ago
    delicious! my son wanted the whole piece of fish for himself :0)
    Townsend 4 months ago
    I've been using this recipe for 2 years now and I love it! I did cut down on the salt though and I'm going to try brown sugar next time.
    Linda Smith 5 months ago
    It turned out very good. Salmon is my least favorite fish, but thus recipe I loved
    McCane 5 months ago
    my wife does not eat salmon, but she sure loved this one! i used brown sugar and didnt have cumin used ginger instea. but it was amazin. sweet but fishy! good job!!!
    Fisch 6 months ago
    I reduced salt and it still was salty
    Allie R. 10 months ago
    we really loved it, I didn't follow recipe exactly i just kind of eye balled measurements but it was such a unique recipe for salmon we really loved it.
    Ida a year ago
    ok except for far too much salt!. i wondered and even redued the recommended amount. had to throw out 1/2 my dinner. otherwise, very tasty..
    Amanda a year ago
    I added brown sugar and a pinch of smoked paprika to the mixture. It was excellent!
    Nancy Yu a year ago
    yummy and juicy. did have a tad too much salt. need to be careful not to burn the skin with sugar on it.
    Tyhese S. a year ago
    Perfect! Think I will use a little less salt next time.
    John Wilson a year ago
    This dish turned out great. i added a little crushed red pepper for a little extra somethin somethin lol
    Lequita Sharrock a year ago
    Amazing dish!! I used brown sugar, instead of white sugar and Hawaiian Black Salt instead of sea salt. I also added black pepper, orange peel, and garlic powder!! I loved it and will definitely make this one again. #SuperEasy #MmmmmGood
    Mary Delaney a year ago
    Omg, i love darkened anything this didn’t disappoint. What else can I carmelize. I followed the recipe to the tee (so easy) and fried it 5 minutes each side on med high in canola oil.
    Ron a year ago
    Loved it although Definitely needed less salt - glad I read the reviews first 👍