Sweet Lemon Basil Shortbread Cookies

Sweet Lemon Basil Shortbread Cookies

Love basil and lemon? Love shortbread? I love shortbread cookies and thought I would give them a fresh makeover with some fresh basil and fresh lemon juice. The lemon and basil add a summery feel to these crunchy, buttery and sweet cookies. They are a bit out of the ordinary so they are perfect for a barbeque or a dinner party.

basil lemon cookies 2

Kids love the glaze and will eat these cookies up. Don’t like glaze? Just sprinkle some raw sugar on top of cookies before putting the cookies in the oven to bake. Baking with your kids? The recipe is simple enough that they can get involved by measuring and helping you add the ingredients. My kids love smelling and exploring the ingredients.

basil lemon cookies 1

When slicing these cookies, make sure to cut them on the thicker side because cut too thin, they could burn easily.