Rise and Shine to a Satisfying Vegan Breakfast
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Rise and Shine to a Satisfying Vegan Breakfast

Sweet, savory, simple, or sophisticated – here’s the shortlist of plant-based breakfast ideas that’ll have you singing along to the tune of “no eggs, no bacon, no problem” in no time.

Because eggs, bacon, and buttermilk pancakes are the holy trinity of breakfast foods, the words “losing your religion” might accurately describe the experience of trying to eat vegan at Sunday brunch. The whole “no-eggs, no-dairy, no-meat” thing is bound to leave breakfast aficionados with little else but an impending existential crisis on their hands: What IS breakfast without bacon and scrambled eggs, anyway? Even if you’re OK with a quick and dirty breakfast most mornings, finding a satisfying plant-based alternative to grab-and-go yogurt parfaits might seem like more of a struggle than you’re ready to bargain for in the morning.

salt, dried rosemary, ground black pepper, turmeric, firm tofu and 18 more
unsweetened almond milk, onion powder, chickpea flour, bell pepper and 19 more
hemp seeds, Hass avocado, pomegranate arils, salt, pepper, whole grain toast
hemp milk, banana, frozen mixed berries, mixed berries, granola and 3 more
liquid stevia, chia seeds, unsweetened vanilla almond milk
baking powder, sea salt, flour, green onion, broccoli, extra virgin olive oil and 2 more

You could technically eat a bowl of soggy wheat bran and soy milk every morning and call it good, but you should know that sad cereal isn’t the only option (sorry, wheat bran)! A vegan breakfast is your invitation to get creative with the abundance of fruits, veggies, grains, nuts, and seeds already at your disposal. On the typical breakfast plate, a massive omelette takes center stage and fruit is served in a teeny-tiny cup. A vegan breakfast dares you to imagine how things could be different.

serrano chiles, corn tortillas, garlic clove, avocado, vegetable oil and 17 more
smooth peanut butter, almond milk, ground cinnamon, banana, oats
cumin, lime, smoked paprika, extra virgin olive oil, red bell pepper and 12 more
raspberries, fruit, maple syrup, water, blueberries, raw cashews
pecans, pure maple syrup, gluten free sandwich bread, chia seeds and 12 more
whole grain English muffins, chopped kale, smoked paprika, olive oil and 9 more

Recreating vegan-ized versions of hearty breakfast favorites – like eggz, cheez and fak’n – is just one way to switch things up. In the vegan breakfast-making world, all the ingredients typically seen as unorthodox to eat in the morning are fair game. Thanks in no small part to the versatility of plants, and the ingenuity of many a vegan trailblazer, there are a whole host of flavors and dishes now up for grabs in the AM. Vegan breakfast is a chance to upend the old rules.

salt, vanilla extract, apple cider, coconut oil, masala, walnuts and 9 more
blueberries fresh, kiwi fruit, frozen banana, coconut water, pineapple and 1 more
kale, black pepper, ground turmeric, ground cayenne pepper, black beans and 11 more
quinoa, almond milk, brown sugar, water, sliced almonds, fresh blueberries
brown sugar, sea salt, ground cinnamon, all purpose flour, Fresh berries and 5 more
all purpose flour, oat milk, oat milk, brown sugar, ground cinnamon and 15 more

Did you know? You can set your taste preferences on Yummly to show only vegan recipes throughout the site – or use our easy filter on any Yummly search to help you find recipes for a variety of dietary needs, from vegan to gluten-free.