5 Neat Household Uses for Salt

5 Neat Household Uses for Salt

Salt is essential to food, to cooking, and to taste. There are probably very few, if any, kitchens that don't have at least a little salt on hand all the time. And, to put the cherry on top of an already vital item, salt can be used in all kinds of handy household applications too! Save time, money, and a lot of potential headaches too by checking out a few of these tips and tricks.

Sea Salt

Prevent grease from splattering

The next time you're frying up a plate of bacon or cooking up golden pan-fried chicken, add a dash or two of salt to the pan before adding the fats! The salt will help keep the grease in its rightful place in the pan, and not all over your stove top (or worse, you!).

Remove garlic or onion odors from your hands

It can be hard to get the smell of garlic or onions off you after handling them, but the simple combination of water and salt works great. Wet your hands, add a little salt, scrub your hands together, and rinse! Alternatively, a solution of vinegar and salt works well too. Salt can be rough and drying though, so be sure to use a dab or two of moisturizer afterward too.

Cleaning spills in the oven

Food bubbling over in the oven can be a messy problem. At my old apartment, the smoke detectors would deafen you for days if so much as a birthday candle was blown out within 10 yards of it, so when an errant drop of sauce or pie filling hit the hot oven bottom, an unhappy time was had by all. Instead of spending ages on your hands and knees scrubbing away burned-on food, add a good amount of salt to the top of the spill while it's still liquid. It'll stop the smoking and burning, and bake into a crust that's much easier to clean!

Prevent cut fruits from browning

You can prevent unwanted fruit browning by dipping your cut fruits in lightly salted water! You only need a little salt for it to work, so no need to be heavy-handed. It's a neat trick that could save you a run to the store if you don't have lemon juice or vinegar on hand.

Extend the life of your cheeses

Salt is an important component in cheese-making in general, as it helps slow the growth of bacteria. That property makes it great for storing cheeses (among other foods) too! If you want to keep your cheeses fresh and mold-free for longer, wrap it in a cloth that's been dampened in salted water before popping it into the refrigerator.

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