Keto Breakfasts That Aren't Just Bacon and Eggs

8 Keto Breakfasts That Aren’t Just Bacon and Eggs

Keto breakfasts are low-carb and high-protein meals that typically come in some variation of bacon and eggs — but they don’t have to. This selection of keto breakfast recipes puts a new spin on the low-carb, high-protein meal to start the day.

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Breakfast. They say it’s the most important meal of the day — and one of the easiest meals to adapt for a keto diet, thanks to classic low-carb ingredients like eggs, bacon, sausage patties, and avocados. Even if you’re the type who prefers pancakes, there are keto-friendly swaps that taste pretty great, keep your energy up, and help you stay satisfied throughout the day to keep you on track for your weight-loss goals.

The two key features of any keto meal are that they are packed with healthy fats and are low in carbs. The keto breakfast is no different. If your goal is 20-30 net carbs in an entire day, for breakfast, you want to look for recipes as low as five. It’s easier than you’d think to come up with a hardy breakfast to match keto guidelines. Here are eight keto breakfast recipes to riff on when you get tired of the standard eggs and bacon.

Low-carb egg cups

Looks like a muffin, tastes like a Denver omelette — and it’s a perfect make-ahead, individually-sized, on-the-go keto breakfast option if you don’t have a ton of time in the morning. Egg cups, in general, are endlessly customizable — just make sure to choose low-carb vegetables like kale, spinach, broccoli, asparagus, or zucchini and you'll have a portable meal as tasty and as filling as a breakfast sandwich.

Avocado breakfast bowls

It’s the ur-breakfast for anyone who’s keto — bacon, eggs, avo, and butter. The meal prep is simple and the presentation is pretty cute, to boot. For this breakfast bake, instead of scooping out and slicing the avocado, you use the avocado skin as a single-serving breakfast bowl. These breakfast bowls are fat bombs designed to keep you feeling full. And with only 3 grams of net carbs per serving, they may become your favorite keto breakfast.

Keto breakfast tacos

Tortillas made of… cheese? Yes, please! Here, the classic breakfast taco gets a keto-makeover with “tortillas” made entirely of fried mozzarella. Fill it with whatever you’d like -- cauliflower hash browns, extra protein like fish or keto sausage -- but if you follow the recipe to a “t” it’s less than 3 net carbs.

Keto avocado toast

Just because you’ve gone keto, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on posting your own avocado toast pic on Instagram. In fact, avocados are probably all over your diet anyway — high as they are in healthy fats. It’s the bread that’s the issue. Here, the keto bread is made with almond flour and coconut oil, then baked for 45 minutes. Once you have that in your repertoire, you can dabble in other keto breakfast sandwiches.

The avocado rose and the toppings can be adjusted to suit your skill level and personal preferences. If you need some ideas, you can top the toast with scrambled eggs, shredded cheese, or cottage cheese.

Keto bagels

Yes, bagels. One of my favorite brunch indulgences is a sprawling bagel platter, with smoked salmon, razor-thin sliced red onion, herbs, whipped cream cheese, tons of capers, and lemon wedges. But it's definitely not part of a low-carb diet. However, with a few tweaks to the carb-dense bagels, ketos don't have to miss out on the ultimate New York brunch. These keto bagels — magically made from almond flour and mozzarella — have just 5 net carbs. Compare that to a typical plain bagel — they have 50+ net carbs each.

Keto Dutch baby

Another cousin of the pancake, the Dutch baby is having a moment. If you've tried and ruled out keto pancakes, this may be the low-carb breakfast to add to your menu. The keto version may not “puff” like its flour-laden counterpart, but the flavor and presentation are both there. You can also skip the sweetener and vanilla and go savory with herbs and cheese (for inspiration, see this non-keto recipe). For the full Dutch baby experience, make it in a cast-iron skillet.

Keto donuts

These aren’t your average donuts — this is a keto breakfast recipe roundup, after all. But ketogenic diets don't have to exclude all of our favorite breakfast foods. Don’t be afraid of the lengthy gluten-free ingredient list, it’s worth it for the indulgent chocolate a.m. treat.

Keto breakfast shakes

If you simply can’t stomach eggs in the morning, going keto might be tough — but not impossible. As a substitute for heavy breakfast casseroles, you can keep up with your smoothie habit by swapping out the go-to banana. A banana has about 20 net carbs per 100 grams which is close to your daily total. Instead, replace it with coconut milk, avocado, and cacao. With the right low-carb sweetener, it's a sweet start for chocolate lovers.

Getting a good variety of food on a keto diet can be a challenge for some, and like with any dietary restriction, you can get stuck in a rut. These recipes offer a few new tweaks on old favorites to keep your breakfasts interesting and filling.