Awesome American Beers Even Wine Snobs Will Love
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Awesome American Beers Even Wine Snobs Will Love

All beer lovers know that people who say "I hate beer" just haven't found the right one!  Anyone who likes things that taste good - whether it's champagne, coffee, fruit, or dessert - has a beer out there they'll love.  It's a shame that many beer-haters base their opinion on beers served in red plastic cups that people willingly throw tiny plastic balls into as they clownishly say things like, "WAZZUP?"  Great brews are definitely worth the shot and here are a few top notch American beers to prove it!

Russian River Pliny the Elder

Style: Imperial / Double IPA

Taste Profile:  People are frequently struck by the fantastic fragrance of this beautiful beer; it has an intoxicating aroma of citrus and floral hops, with hints of pine and maple.  It has a full-bodied and well-balanced taste that starts off with fruity notes, mellows into a creamy caramel-like malt, and finishes with a mild bitterness that isn't too overwhelming.

Recommended for: Casual drinkers who enjoy alcohol's bitterness.  Try pairing this with something salty or savory to bring out its nuanced sweetness.

Bells Hopslam

Style: Imperial / Double IPA

Taste Profile: Hops are heavy with citrus aromas, particularly evocative of grapefruit and flora.  This drink goes down easily, dry with a sweet, honeyed taste the whole way to balance out its light bitterness.  Even though it has 10% alcohol by volume (ABV), it's well hidden underneath the sweet flavors.

Recommended for: Light beer drinkers, cocktail and champagne lovers.  Pair this with light desserts or fruits to complement its sweetness.

Alesmith Speedway Stout

Style: Imperial Stout

Taste Profile: Speedway Stout is a full-bodied, syrupy, jet black beer with a taste and aroma heavy with roasted coffee and dark chocolate.  Its taste is remarkably smooth for its 12% ABV.  It has very low carbonation and drinks easily with a creamy sweet, malty middle and with a light, coffee-like bitterness at the end.

Recommended for: Coffee addicts and dark chocolate lovers.  Feel free to drink this lovely, thick stout with desserts - or go for the classic stout pairing of oysters!

Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout

Style: Imperial Stout

Taste Profile:  This is a very opaque black brew with a tan head, and a lovely aroma reminiscent of bourbon, coffee, and chocolate.  The taste is very nuanced with sweet, smoky vanilla and chocolate flavors blending well with deep-roasted espresso notes.   Since it is distinctly bitter throughout, it is not as easy to drink for those unfamiliar with purer alcohol or coffee.

Recommended for: Whiskey lovers. Coffee fanatics.  Try pairing this with chocolate, pastries, and cheeses.

Oskar Blues Ten Fidy

Style: Imperial Stout

Taste Profile: It might surprise you to see stout in a can, but don't underestimate this smoky, dark beer!  Its taste and aroma is fabulously complex, rich with roasted malt, chocolate, licorice, molasses, and fruit.  The dominate taste here is dark chocolate, with a soft, creamy vanilla undertone to smooth out some of the hoppy bitterness.

Recommended for: Strong coffee drinkers.  If you don't want to drink it alone, pair it with something light and sweet: chocolate-covered strawberries, fruits, etc.

Hair of the Dog Adam

Style: Traditional Ale

Taste Profile: Adam is a revamp of a historic beer that originated in Germany.  Its fragrance is lightly alcoholic and smoky, with notes of dark fruit - raisins, cherries, figs - and chocolate.  It starts off with a taste reminiscent of barley wine, with prominent fruit flavor that melds with a chocolate middle, and ends with a smoky bitterness.

Recommended for: Cigar and cigarette lovers.  Coffee enthusiasts.  This is best served as a dessert beer.

Russian River Consecration

Style: Sour Ale / Wild Ale

Taste Profile:  Consecration is a lovely, dark, crimson ale with almost no head, though quite carbonated and bubbly.  Its fragrance is lush with dark fruits like cherries and currants, with a fruity oak-infused flavor to match.  It has a fresh, sweet and very sour taste immediately, which might mask a bit of the fruity undertones. If you'd like an even sourer ale, try Russian River Supplication.

Recommended for: Wine lovers (red or white).  This would be lovely paired with cheeses, tarts, and pastries.

Lost Abbey Cable Car

Style: Sour Ale / Wild Ale

Taste Profile: This semi-opaque, yellow beer has a very frothy head that dissipates quickly and leaves a thin lacing.  The aroma is tart with a bright lemon scent standing out the most, but it also has other fruits melded in as well.  Its taste is similar, with a good blend of sweet fruit and citrus sour, ending with distinct, lingering tart.

Recommended for:  Anyone who loves sour tastes, wine enthusiasts.  To diminish some of the sourness, serve this with a lemon tart or a key lime pie.

New Glarus Wisconsin Belgian Red

Style: Fruit Beer

Taste Profile: Pours a translucent, vibrant cherry red with a low, off-white head.  This lovely crimson fruit beer has a strong, lovely floral fragrance heavy with cherries, and it has a sweet cherry taste with a hint of nuttiness to match.  In many ways, the taste is barely "beer";  it's more like a light, bubbly wine.  It has almost no bitterness and carries a well-balanced sweetness throughout.

Recommended for: Dark fruit lovers, dessert wine drinkers, cocktail lovers.  Any beer-averse drinker should enjoy this.

Photo Credits: Hedonia, Joe Foodie, The Perfectly Happy Man, Bernt Rostad, Just Beer, Not Your Dad's Beer, Michael Isenberg, Free Loose Dirt, and Barley Wine