Ever Try a McDonalds Maharaja Mac? Fast Food From Around the World

Ever Try a McDonalds Maharaja Mac? Fast Food from Around the World

In an effort to adapt to other countries' cultures, fast food restaurants like KFC, Burger King, and particularly McDonalds have many fascinating menu items on their International menu that you aren't likely to see stateside.  In some of these cases that's a darn shame, but a few of these other curious cuisines are guaranteed to raise a few eyebrows!

Mcdonalds Das NürnburgerKFC Shrimp and Chicken SandwichMcDonalds Chicken PorridgePizza Hut Quarter PizzasMcDonalds Katsu BurgerBurger King x-tra long chili cheese burgerMcDonalds Cordon Bleu BurgerBurger King Nacho WhopperMaharaja MacPizza Hut golden Fortune

Photo Credits: buzzfeed, seriouseats, pizza hut, sixth seal, trifter