Strawberry Upside Down Cupcakes with Orange Buttercream Filling

This is a strawberry upside down cupcake. The cake batter is a vanilla bean cream cake, and it’s filled with an orange butter cream. It is most delicious! I love how each part can be separated and used on its own for different things. The strawberry sauce would be killer on a cheesecake (I will probably do this), the cake is another world of moist richness, and the orange buttercream is a great icing for anything! The flavor of the orange really stands out. All combined this dessert is total perfection.

strawberry upside down vanilla bean cake with a orange buttercream filling (4)

Most of the sweetness comes from the strawberry butter sauce, the cake is moist and fluffy, and then you end with a citrus finish on your palette due to the orange buttercream filling.

xoxo GreedyGirl

strawberry upside down vanilla bean cake with a orange buttercream filling (3)

Tips and Tricks

  • The general rule in cupcake filling is not over fill your cupcake pans, but not here, use up all the batter and fill each cupcake to the brim. You want them to overflow on the edges and create the lip (almost looks like a mushroom) . The cupcakes sit flatter when flipped upside down when you allow this. If you don’t fill all the way you will have cupcakes with pointy or rounded tips that won’t sit as flat when flipped
  • The cupcake absorbs all the sauce and there may be chunks of strawberries that may be in the bottom of the pan, just spoon them out and stick them onto the cake its very sticky and will easily adhere.
  • For an even better topper, you can use fresh strawberries to camouflage the opening where you piped the icing.
  • Leave even the bean pod of the vanilla bean in the milk to steep, just remember to remove it before pouring in the batter.
  • If you don’t have vanilla beans, double up on the vanilla extract and add a teaspoon of nutmeg

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