Easy Halloween Party Food
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Easy Halloween Party Food

Halloween parties aren't just all about the candy! Here's a list of our favorite Halloween party food for your monster mash.

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Throwing candy in a bowl for Halloween night is the easy part of the scariest night of the year, but what’s really tricky is coming up with savory grown-up treats to make a frightful fest for adults. While the kids are coming up with their trick-or-treating strategies, we put together some of our spooky and easy Halloween party food ideas.

Brain Bread

This recipe wasn’t created specifically for Halloween, but it has an eerie resemblance to a brain. Sliced just right, your guests can pull off bits of “brain” with a side of scare-inara sauce to dip it. It’s easy yet tasty so you can focus on the monstertainment (or the booze).

Brain Bread for Halloween

Ding dong the witch is... chili?

The Wicked Witch of the East is gone but not easily forgotten in a bowl of chili. This is a three-ingredient recipe that’s easy to throw together and guaranteed to freak out your friends. The secret ingredients are bite-sized smoked sausages and sliced-almond "fingernails."

Witch Fingers in Chili

A dose of a freaky ghost

These ghostly treats are a spooky twist on the traditional boiled wonton. The these Halloween snacks are made up of ground beef to hold up the rice paper wrapper. The whole thing is tied together with a strip of chives. These apparitions will disappear at an eerie speed.

Halloween Ghosts

Dead man’s party

There are few things freakier than looking down at a plate of food that’s looking back at you. What’s less freaky is that this recipe is vegan! It’s made with a tofu “ricotta” mixture to stuff the mushrooms and topped with a black olive to make it look like an eyeball. If you want to make it with dairy, you can swap out the tofu for traditional ricotta or cream cheese and scare up the same reaction. Alternatively, you can use the same idea to make deviled eggs into monster eyes.

Stuffed Mushroom Eyeballs

Double, double, toil & trouble

Spiders guarantee a scream any way they’re presented, but spiders are super sinister in the form of a bread bowl filled with a cheesy dip, making it a fun Halloween appetizer. Using refrigerated bread dough, the assembly is simple and the finished product is unforgettable.

Spooktacular Halloween Spider Bread Bowl Dip

The chamber of secrets

Something spicy is lurking in these jalapeño popper mummies! These are your basic homemade poppers, but to turn them into yummy mummies, they’re wrapped in puff pastry. Add extra spice, and you have frightening finger food indeed.

Halloween Poppers

Mysterious & spooky

Bell peppers are an excellent stand-in for pumpkins with these edible jack-o-lanterns. The peppers are easy to carve with a paring knife. The stuffing is a simple spiced sirloin mix that is delicious as-is, but can be adjusted for dietary restriction fairly easily. [

Halloween Stuffed Peppers

Jeepers, creepers pizza!

A Tombstone crawling with tarantulas and daddy longlegs has never looked so delicious… Frozen pizza is the simple solution for this creepy-crawly Halloween food, but you can substitute your favorite homemade pizza dough recipe and top it with black olives and pepperoni sliced to look like spiders. [

Halloween Spider Pizza


These Halloweenies will be the afterlife of the of the party! Basically, it’s mummified pigs-in-a-blanket, making it one of the easier Halloween party foods. This recipe uses store-bought refrigerator dough to wrap up the hot dogs (crescent rolls are a good option). Save them to bake as the party gets started and you’ll have warm mummies to dish out as party guests walk in the door. [

Halloween Mummy Dogs

Halloween will soon be among the dearly departed and you’ll be planning for Thanksgiving! When you've put away your spooky porch decorations and are ready to start talking turkey, look to Yummly for thousands of recipes to make your meal memorable.