5 Surprising Uses for Bananas Peels

5 Surprising Uses for Bananas Peels

The next time you enjoy a ripe, tasty banana, don't be so quick to get rid of the peel! Even the peel is chocked full of potassium and other vitamins and nutrients that can be used for a number of handy applications. Plus, after you've reaped all of it's awesome benefits, you can always throw it into the old compost pile and make a nice fertilizer for your home grown veggies and flora. What's there to lose?

Splinter removal The enzymes in a banana peel help get that pesky splinter out of your skin in addition to helping heal the wound left behind. Just cut off a portion of peel and tape it to the affected area! Repeat the process as necessary. *Note: Some people also swear by this method as a way to remove warts! It might be a folk remedy, but if you're out of other options, it can't hurt to try it.

Polishing silverware Banana peels make a great silverware polish! Just make a quick paste by blending banana peels with water, apply the paste to your silverware, and wash it off gently with a soft cloth.

Shoe polish Potassium is one of the key ingredients in shoe polish, and banana peels are filled with it. If your leather shoes are lacking shine, just rub a bit of the inside of a banana peel all over it, and wipe it down with a cloth. You'll have buffed shoes again in no time!

Relieve itching from bug bites and poison ivy If you're roughing it in the great outdoors and find yourself plagued by mosquito bites and poison oak, it's good to have a banana around! Rubbing the inside of the peel on the area can help neutralize some of the itchiness. It won't remove the oils that cause the itch (you'll need a real scrub for that), but it'll sure make you feel a lot better.

Deter aphids If aphids are plaguing your rose bushes, dice up a banana peel (or several) and bury the pieces into the dirt around your plant. Their dislike of bananas should encourage them to leave your plants alone after that!