Black Bean & Corn Guacamole

Black Bean & Corn Guacamole

This recipe was contributed by Julie of White Lights on Wednesday and is sponsored by McCormick.

You guys. I found this really cool new online recommendation service. I know you’re thinking there are so many places to find recipes on the web, but McCormick’s FlavorPrint Service brings you recipes tailored to your palate. So now I don’t have to guess if I might like a recipe. My FlavorPrint profile recognizes my tastes and voila! Yummy recipes!

Based on the ingredients the FlavorPrint evaluator asked me about, my favorite flavors are vanilla, cheesy, and coffee/chocolately. That’s me all day! In addition to flavors, I also chose answer a few questions about what ingredients I keep on hand and what cooking techniques I use regularly to truly customize my recipe recommendations. Then I get daily recipe recommendations, from appetizers, to sides, main dishes, and desserts. They’re all there, and each recipe tells me the primary flavor profiles and my FlavorPrint compatibility.

The day I signed up for my FlavorPrint profile, I got a slew of recipes to check out. The California Style Garlic Pepper Steak, Carrot Cake, and Black Bean & Corn Guacamole jumped out at me. But just in case I’m feeling picky, with the FlavorPrint recipes suggested to me, I can also search the recipe database and sort results based on flavor scores that are high percentage matches to my FlavorPrint flavor profile, recipe type, or total time for the recipe. I have a crush on the McCormick Gourmet recipes too. There’s so much to love!!  Once I’m signed into my FlavorPrint profile each recipe on the McCormick website shows me my flavor match percentage so I can be sure I’ll like a new recipe.  It’s so cool!

Last week I made the guacamole and it was awesome! I’m always really weary of store bought guac-related anything, but the McCormick seasoning packet gave the dip great flavor. I loved the sweetness from the corn and texture from the black beans. Two big thumbs up! I didn’t share with Mike either. I don’t care if he’s decided to like guac now. I ate it with chips, a quesadilla, and put it on a grilled chicken sandwich. So good!! It’s such a versatile dish.

Last night I made the California Style Garlic Pepper Steak for dinner. We like our meat to taste like…well meat…and I usually just season our steak with some salt and pepper. But McCormick California Style Garlic Pepper seasoning was really good. It let the steak shine through, but gave it some great complimenting flavors. A few bites had a little extra peppery kick.

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This weekend, I’ll be making the Carrot Cake into cupcakes for a birthday party I’m baking for. I can’t imagine them being anything but delicious after the other recipes we’ve tried.

The FlavorPrint dashboard has really made menu planning easier for me. Sometimes I just need a new recipe here and there to break the rut, and having a place to go that will give a recipe I know we’ll like the flavor of is huge with my picky eaters.

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